MAC Enchanted Eve Face Palette

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MAC Enchanted Eve Cool Palette - Lena Talks Beauty

MAC Cosmetics have released two Face Palettes as part of their Enchanted Eve holiday collection this year. One is cool, and one is wam, and I was sent the cool version of the palette as you may have seen in my post showing an overview of the 2015 MAC Holiday collections. I have done my best to do an entire face of makeup using the palette. Obviously it doesn’t include some products like foundation or mascara, but almost everything else on my face is from this palette. It goes to show how well coordinated the different product are, since they come together so nicely. The Enchanted Eve palette comes in a sturdy case, with bright acrylic across the front the kits in with the colour scheme of the wider MAC Holiday collections this year.

MAC Enchanted Eve Cool Palette - Lena Talks Beauty

The Cool Enchanted Eye palette includes the follow products.

  • Cozy Grey (matte), Chez What? (frost), and Rhythm & Blues (Veluxe Pearl) eyeshadows
  • Cheek to Cheek beauty powder
  • Feed the Senses lipstick (lustre)
  • Rebel lipstick (satin)
  • Passing Fancy cream colour base
  • Double ended eyeshadow and lip brush

The packaging is nice and secure, and I love that it comes with a big mirror – they always come in handy especially for doing makeup when travelling or staying the night somewhere. Having a dual ended lip and eyeshadow brush is also very handy, and the eyeshadow brush is nice and soft.

MAC Enchanted Eve Face Palette Cool - Lena Talks Beauty

I was really excited to see Rebel from their permanent collection included in this palette, as it’s a lipstick I’ve considered buying for a while now, but have never taken the plunge on. Rebel can look quite purple on some people but it pulled much more towards red for me. The only downside to it being in this palette is that you’d need to take the whole palette with you to reapply it when you’re going out.

Here are swatches of the cream products from the palette, which are two lipsticks and a cream colour base. They are well protected from the powders with a plastic cover so I hope they don’t get contaminated from eyeshadow fall out.

MAC Rebel, feed the senses, passing fancy cream colour base swatch - lena talks beauty

Feed The Senses lipstick is a lustre formula and therefore it only has a sheer colour but it looks lovely. You could pair it with a lip pencil for more coverage, I’m sure MAC have one that would work with it in their extensive range. For a helpful guide to the different finishes of MAC lipsticks, visit Beauty Down South.

Passing Fancy Cream Colour base is a creamy colour which can be used on your eyes or skin. I found it pretty much impossible to get it to show up when swatched, but I wore it on my cheeks nonetheless. Perhaps I should have applied it more heavily, or used it conjunction with something like my MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skin Finish which has a gorgeous highlight to it.

MAC Rebel Lipstick - Lena Talks BeautyNow, onto the powders! Cheek to Cheek Beauty Powder is a warm peach toned colour, which isn’t something I would normally wear, I tend to stick to pink blushes but I think this will look nice on.

I have to say, I don’t think the eyeshadows in this set are as good as the shadows in the permanent collection. Cozy Grey barely showed up on my skin at all, despite trying with both a brush and fingers to pick up as much shadow as possible. Rhythm & Blues and Chez What? are better, but just not the quality that I have come to expect from using MAC’s individual eyeshadows.

MAC enchanted eve eyeshadow swatches - Lena Talks Beauty

I applied Chez What? Eyeshadow all over my lid, and then wet a flat eyeliner brush and used it to apply Rhythm & Blues at my lashline.

MAC Enchanted Eve Face Palette Cool - Lena Talks Beauty

MAC Enchanted Eve Cool Face Palette - Lena Talks Beauty

I love how the grey eyeshadow makes my eyes look so blue – I’ve been wearing this regularly in the days since (weeks, actually, by the time you’ll be reading this). Now here’s the finished look – what do you think?

MAC Enchanted Eve Cool Palette on Face - Lena Talks beauty

Enchanted Eve face palettes are $142 which definitely is no small sum but it could make a good addition to your christmas list if you have a very generous partner/parents/friend/santa or just feel like treating yourself!

MAC 2015 Holiday Collections are available at all authorised MAC Cosmetics locations in New Zealand, as well as on and associated international versions of the website. For more information, visit my post showing the three different MAC Holiday collections, including the Irresistibly Charming collection which is out in New Zealand on Tuesday 17th November.

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