Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – L.U.V.

Back in January, I bought Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade L.U.V. It’s a rich violet shade, and I hadn’t been brave enough to actually wear it until quite recently. Purple lipstick has become more popular in recent years, and I see people wearing it all over beauty blogs and forums, but I don’t often see people actually wearing it in person. However, last week I finally gathered the nerve to wear it out, and this post is the result of that! I’ll be sharing my thoughts on its performance, and whether I am in LUV with it or not.

kat von d luv liquid lipstick

Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipsticks have quite nice packaging, I like the detailing on the tube and the handle of the applicator wand. I do wish the tube was shorter and wider, because I thought the long wand made applying the lipstick precisely a bit difficult, being closer to my face would give more control. The doe foot wand was good for filling in my lips but I think in future I will use a lip brush or perhaps a lip liner to outline, especially for the cupid’s bow.

Kat Von D L.U.V. everlasting liquid lipstick

With wearing such a bold lipstick, I wanted to keep my eye makeup fairly minimal. So I stuck to just a very fine line of black liquid eyeliner along my top lashline. The rest of the products that I wore are as follows:

Kat von d luv lipstick

It was reasonably long wearing, and not drying unlike some other matte liquid lipsticks – by that I mean the Australis Velourlips  which was terrible on me. It faded evenly, but I imagine if I had any dry skin on my lips it might not have done the same, so using a lip scrub and lip balm before applying would be a good idea. I like the cool tone of this, and how it’s not as pastel (or chalky) as TO-KI-O Australis Velourlips which I thought would be similar.

Kat Von D L.U.V. lip swatch

Kat Von D is sold exclusively in Sephora, in their stores and on their websites. There is now Sephora NZ  and Sephora AU in addition to the the USA online store which ships to selected other countries.

Overall, I am in LUV with this lipstick, although I can’t quite promise my LUV will be everlasting. I would like to get more shades from the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick range, particularly Berlin (warm rose) and Bachelorette (dark reddish fuschia)

What do you think of this lipstick? Have you tried anything from Kat Von D? Let me know in the comments section!




  • This is like the exact dupe of Lime Crime Utopia !Here: http://www.lipsnberries.com/2014/08/lime-crime-velvetines-in-utopia-review.html
    I’m with you though. Purple has taken over blogs but still something you don’t see around on people.

    • It does look quite similar! I think Utopia is a bit more pink than this is, but I do like the look of it too. I hardly ever see anyone wear purple lipstick out, but I want to change that!

  • This colour is SO PRETTY oh my gosh – I think it really really suits you, and reminds me of a lipstick I wore to a Florence and the Machine concert once that I was terrified looked ridiculous on me – you totally pull it off! I need to get more daring with lippies!

    • You have become more daring with lippies lately, and I’ve been loving it! It’s a bit scary but generally once I bravely wear something I love it. Thanks Laura <3

  • Janneke

    Looks like an amazing lipstick. Little bit too purple for me personally, but you definitely wear it well!


  • Beeeeeeeeautiful photos Lena, I think this one suits you! When I saw it on your blog FB page I was like YAAAAAAAAAAS PURPLE. That’s also a pretty good price, I might see if they have Kat Von D in the Mecca Maxima here (!)

    • Sephora produces Kat Von D’s line so it’s exclusive to them, which is a bummer cos that means we can’t get it in NZ. I think that they have it at Sephora Sydney so maybe it’ll be in Brissy before long ahh that’d be so good! Thanks for the lovely comment xx

      • I’m probably heading to Sydney in July if you neeeeeeed anything xx

      • Sophie ♥

        They do have them at Sephora in Sydney :). butting in here but I nearly bought Bachelorette.

  • This is such a lovely shade! It suits you well and I love how it doesn’t look chalky at all. I have heard good things about Kat Von D makeup but I’m not ready to commit to Youshop or Shipito just yet. I’ll buy her products one day. I think it’s reasonably priced too.

    • I’ve never had any problems with YouShop, I’ve had Sephora orders go there several times but I know lots of other people have. Chalky is exactly the word that I think of for Velourlips, and this wasn’t like that at all, I really liked the texture.

  • LUV is so gorgeous on you!

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