June empties

As my no-buy continues, I’ve been finishing more products. During June I used up 6 full size products – all skincare in one sense or another, from face to hands to body. They are: Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub, Trilogy Rosehip oil, Sukin sensitive facial moisturiser, Indeed Labs Hydraluron, Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy body wash, and Anatomicals Help The Paw Hand Cream. Keep reading for mini reviews on all of these products, and whether I would repurchase them!

soap and glory the breakfast scrub, trilogy rosehip oil, sukin sensitive facial moisturiser, hydraluron, physiogel bodywash, anatomicals help the paw hand cream

Soap and Glory Smoothie Star The Breakfast Scrub

I had this product for about a year before I realised that the title is a play on The Breakfast Club which is one of my favourite movies. I bought this because my friend Charlotte had it, and when I stayed at her house I fell in love with it and had to buy it. I originally reviewed it not long after I bought it, and my feelings are much the same as they were in that post – love it!

Repurchase? If it was available in New Zealand I would.

physiogel daily moisture therapy body wash, soap and glory smoothie star the breakfast scrub

Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Body Wash*

Physiogel sent this to me when they launched in New Zealand last year, and as I said in my original review it’s a nice moisturising body wash. I also used it for shaving since I think shaving creams are a waste of money and usually leave those gross rusty marks in the shower. It gives a decent lather but isn’t over the top foamy which tends to strip my skin.

(Re)purchase? Probably once I have finished some other body washes.

indeed labs hydraluron

Indeed Labs Hydraluron

Last year this was a really hyped product, and I was very excited to buy it, despite the fact it’s fairly expensive (how much) for only a small tube. It took me a long time to finish, because I kind of just forgot about using  – another step is a bit of a hassle in an already somewhat complicated skincare routine. I think for that reason, I didn’t find much benefit to using it. My skin was somewhat more hydrated but I will stick to getting my Hyaluronic Acid in my Neutrogena HydroBoost moisturiser (reviewed here) and via sheet masks (reviewed in my empties).

Repurchase? No.

Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser

Moisturiser is one of those things that I just struggle to have much of an opinion on most of the time. This was the first thing I had tried from Sukin, and I quite liked it. However it took me a long time to finish it as it’s not really moisturising enough for night use (unless paired with Hydraluron which is how I finished it off), and it doesn’t have SPF which I like for daytime. It wears well underneath makeup which is a consideration of mine.

Repurchase? Unlikely, doesn’t suit my needs.

trilogy organic rosehip oil, sukin sensitive facial moisturiser

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

I have banged on about how much I love this about a million times (such as this post), so I won’t go on too much more, other than to say that it’s really great. My skin just drinks it up, and it looks so plump and moisturised.

Repurchase? Already have a back up, although I’m currently using the Antioxidant+ version which was sent to me

Anatomicals Help The Paw Vitamin Rich Hand Cream*

Sometimes I find with hand creams they either smell great or work well, but I think this Anatomicals hand cream does both. It smells fruity and delicious, and moisturises my hands really well. I squeezed every drop out of the tube because I liked it so much!

(Re)purchase? Yes, once I’ve finished some of my other hand creams – look at me, showing such unprecedented restraint!


Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them – were you nodding or shaking your head as you read my opinions? I’m always interested in hearing what other people think about things I’ve tried! I’m ready to empty my empties box and start finishing products for July – eeek how did we get so far through the year already?!




  • I love packaging with clever names, and that soap and glory scrub appeals to me! Will have to find a place where i can get my hands on it

  • I’m so keen to try that Anatomicals hand cream! I’ve been using the Trilogy moisturiser we made as a hand cream and loving it, but I’m going to run out of that pretty fast.

    • It’s so nice, I’m looking forward to getting another one in the future! I’ve been using my Trilogy moisturiser at night, and my skin feels amaaaaaazing.

  • Nice, I haven’t tried any of these before. The rosehip oil sounds amazing!