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Sunday, July 31st 2016 Makeup

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It’s the start of a new month, which means it’s empties time! I completely forgot to write one for June, which means we have a bumper crop of used up products. There are 4 skincare, 3 body products, 6 makeup, and 2 haircare, most of them are even full size. Products are from brands such as Clinique, Batiste, Lush, Bare Minerals, Bourjois and much much more. Keep reading for my reviews on all of these products. Some of these products were sent to me from brands and PR companies, and those have been marked with an asterix – however my opinion is always honest.


Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

As I’ve mentioned umpteen times previously these are my favourite makeup removal wipes. I will repurchase these until the end of time.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

I got this mini pack of makeup remover wipes in a g0odie bag at a Chicks at the Flicks event, and they came in handy. I wouldn’t repurchase however as they had a bit of a sting to them – they’ve got nothing on my Simple favourites.

Clinique Turnaround Overnight Revitalizing Moisturizer*

If you follow me on snapchat (username: Ellski), you may have seen me posting about how sad I was that this was nearly empty. I love this rich and creamy texture of this moisturizer. I apply it at night and when I wake up my skin feels so plump, and I usually don’t need to apply a moisturiser in the morning. Now the big question – would I repurchase? Probably, yes, if it weren’t for the fact that being a beauty blogger means I have more skincare than I could possibly ever need. I’ll buy this in the future, but not now.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is one of my staples, and it’s something I’ve been banging on about how much I love ever since the early days of this blog (see post here). I use it on my face, but also on stretch marks, and believe me I have a lot of them. It’s an absolute wonder product. I will definitely repurchase,  but at the moment I’m experimenting with some Chia seed oil from Trilogy’s sister company Goodness.

Clinique revitalizing night cream, Trilogy rosehip oil, Neutrogena makeup removal wipes, Simple makeup removal wipes - Lena Talks Beauty

Body products:

Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Lotion*

I was sent this almost 2 years ago, and liked it when I reviewed it at the time, but I kind of forgot about it after a while. It’s a nice, basic, body lotion – there’s not too much more to say about it.

The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel

My now-ex boyfriend gave me this as a part of my Christmas gift, and it lasted longer than our relationship hahaha. It smells delicious, and I loved using it. Will definitely repurchase!

Lush Sympathy for the Skin

I loved using this wee sample of body lotion from Lush. It’s very hydrating and smells great too. However I wouldn’t buy the full size because I’m sure I would make an enormous mess using a lotion from a tub.

The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel, Lush Sympathy for the Skin body lotion, Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy lotion - Lena Talks Beauty


Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup

My friend gave me this last year, since she bought it and it didn’t work for her very well. I love it! It dries matte, lasts all day long, and I swear it has been helping my acne. I apply it with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and it gives such a flawless finish. I want to repurchase but am holding out for some sort of buy 2 products and get a gift with purchase deal.

Collection Does It All Mascara*

If you follow me on Instagram @lenatalksbeauty you will have seem this mascara featuring constantly in my #MOTD (Makeup of the Day) flat lays. I was so sad when I finished it. I love the rubbery bristles, how they exasperated my lashes and lengthened them. It reminds me a bit of Benefit They’re Real, but is better in that it’s not impossible to remove from my eyelashes. I will be repurchasing this with my groceries tomorrow, as Collection is sold in Countdown supermarkets.

Collection Big Fake Curves Mascara*

Unfortunately, I really did not like this mascara. The wand is enormous which means getting mascara on your skin is unavoidable. I truly do not understand the point of it. Definitely would not repurchase.

Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara*

This mascara and I didn’t work too well together, which is a shame considering I generally adore Bourjois products. It was just too wet and would leave marks on my eyelid/eyebrow area.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Skin Perfecting Foundation 200 soft beige

Somehow I acquired about 5 samples of this Rimmel foundation, so I decided to use them all up. I really liked it, it lasts well throughout the day and doesn’t go patchy at all. Miraculously, it was in the right shade for me as well. I would definitely repurchase this, especially considering what a bargain it is compared to the likes of MAC that I usually shop at.

Clinique Acne Solutions founadtion, Rimmel Skin Perfecting foundation, Bourjois push up mascara, Collection big fake curves mascara, Collection does it all mascara - Lena Talks Beauty


Batiste Dry Shampoo – Original

For the ten millionth time, I’m writing about how much I love Batiste dry shampoo. My roots get oily long before the lengths of my hair, and Batiste is great because it soaks up the oils, and I don’t need to dry my hair out by washing it unncessarily. I already have two back up cans of it!

Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair & Gloss Treatment

I don’t know how they claim this would repair your hair, but it doesn’t. It’s a bottle of silicone serum spray pretty much, and I don’t really see much point in using it. I’m surprised I even used as much as I did.

Hask Macadamia Oil Shampoo

This wee sample came in a goodie bag at a meet up, and it was really nice to use. I use and enjoy other Hask products, and my flatmate uses the Hask Keratin shampoo and conditioner. I liked it, but I wasn’t crazy enough about it to buy the full size.

Bastiste Dry Shampoo, Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair gloss treatment, Hask Macadamia Oil Shampoo - Lena Talks Beauty

Overall, I was impressed with the amount of products I used. It’s interesting to look back and see which products I’ve been consistently using over the years I’ve been writing my blog – Batiste Dry Shampoo, Trilogy Rosehip Oil, Simple makeup remover wipes – it’s a sign of a good thing! Have you used up any products this month?

Reviews of all of the products I used up during June and July - from Batiste, Clinique, Simple, Collection, Trilogy, Rimmel, Lush, The Body Shop, Hask, Neutrogena - Lena Talks Beauty




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