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Thursday, March 30th 2017 Nails

Jamberry Brooklyn Bridge nail wraps by Lena Talks Beauty

Jamberry nail wraps have been on the beauty scene for a couple of years now, but I just got sent some and used them for the first time! What are nail wraps you ask? They are thin sheets of vinyl that adhere to your nails using heat and pressure, and come in a range of fun patterns and colours. Jamberry says their wraps can last up to 2 weeks on your nails, and I put that to the test. Now, I’m sure many of you are aware that Jamberry is a direct sales/network marketing business. For the purposes of this review, I am just going to focus on the wraps themselves – I’ll touch on their business operations at the end. I really wanted to keep an open mind and review the wraps in the same way I would any other product.

Jamberry basic bundle - Lena Talks Beauty

I was sent their Basic Bundle which is selection of 5 Jamberry nail wraps, an application kit, and a mini heater.

Jamberry application kit - Lena Talks beauty

The contents of the application kit

The application kit contained a nail file, buffer, scissors, clippers, orange stick, cuticle pusher, and nail prep wipes. I have most of these items already, due to being pretty into doing my own at-home manicures already but it would be handy if you don’t. It comes in a bag that I’ve put all my different wraps in so they don’t get lost in the chaos of my bedroom. I also received a Jamberry mini heater! Unlike some other brands of nail wraps I’ve tried, Jamberry nail wraps are best applied using heat. You don’t have to use their heater, you can easily use a hairdryer, but this is a more handy tool.

Jamberry mini heater - Lena Talks Beauty

With 5 different designs to choose from, it was a hard decision and I had consult with people via posts on my Instagram story. I chose to apply the Brooklyn Bridge wrap, which is described as such”Intricate gold lines over a charcoal gray background make this luster finish wrap, ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ super-chic.” I took a LOT of photos during this process and put them together in this infographic type format, so it’s not toooo long of a post…but I’m feeling it heading that way already.

How to apply Jamberry wraps part 1 by Lena Talks Beauty

The wraps come in different sizes, so selecting the right size as per step #4 is quite important. It’s better to err on the side of smaller than bigger, because if it’s too big for your nail it’ll stick to the skin which makes it more liable to come off. Each wrap is enough to do two fingers unless your nails are very long. Most people will get 2-3 manicures from one sheet of wraps.

How to apply Jamberry wraps part 2 by Lena Talks Beauty

The first few nails I did felt pretty difficult, I won’t lie. I needed to focus on what I was doing, not leisurely slap some polish on my nails whilst watching The Bachelor in bed, but also I could never achieve this pattern if I was hand-painting it. Having all my tools laid out helped, and at least I could listen to a podcast while I did it – how good is My Favourite Murder, anyone?

How to apply Jamberry wraps part 3 by Lena Talks Beauty

Once I got the hang of it, it didn’t take me too long to apply my wraps. I timed for the second hand I did, and it took me 8 minutes, 30 seconds. Jamberry has some application tips and tricks on their website, which were quite helpful to me. I watched some youtube videos and read some blog posts too, and they recommended to wait a while before submerging your nails in water, so the adhesive has time to fully cured.

Buffing Jamberry nail wraps by Lena Talks Beauty

It was difficult to get the edges smooth – filing the excess off as they suggest resulting in quite a bit coming off. I had the same problem with the Sally Hansen nail polish strips that I reviewed a few years ago, which I remembered once I had already butchered a few of my nails. I found that the best approach was to use nail scissors to trim it as close as possible to my natural nail, and use a finer grit file to finish. Even after doing that, things continually caught under the tips of the wrap. Every time I ran my hands through my hair, they would come out with bits of hair stuck under them! A friend suggested using clear nail polish or nail glue to stick down the tips but to me that defeated the purpose of the wraps. I wanted to use them exactly as instructed so I could review them properly.

Jamberry Brooklyn Bridge Nail Wraps - Lena Talks Beauty

Here’s a closeup of how my Jamberry nail wraps looked.

I applied Jamberry nail wraps on Saturday afternoon, and on the following Monday morning, so a little over 8 days later, one peeled off. I could have reapplied another one, but by then I was a bit bored of them and decided to take them all off. To remove you just heat them up and slide them off, which was nice and easy. I actually did it using my car heater on a long drive, but a normal person would probably use a hairdryer. These removal instructions come on the wrap packet.

Brooklyn Bridge Jamberry Nail wraps - Lena Talks Beauty

The finished product.

Like I said earlier, Jamberry is a direct sales or multi-level marketing company. To be frank, I generally dislike the way MLM companies operate, both in how they market to consumers, and just the general principle of their company structure. When Jamberry launched in NZ I was bombarded with messages to buy/sell/promote, as were most other bloggers I know. Some of their behaviour particularly towards to a nail artist I’m friends with really put me off trying them for a long time. After she tried them I became curious about what the product itself was actually like and decided to take the plunge. I tried these courtesy of a PR agency for Jamberry so I haven’t actually shopped via a consultant. If make an order online you can enter the name of a consultant and they receive a commission. Jamberry reps also do parties either virtual or in person, like Tupperware and most other direct sales companies.

A packet of Jamberry nail wraps range in price from $24 to $28.50 here in New Zealand, plus $9.95 shipping. Currently on the Jamberry website there’s a promotion of buy 3 sheets or wraps, and get 1 free. The Basic Bundle of 5 wraps, application kit, and mini heater normally costs $94 in NZ. I haven’t used the rest of my wraps yet, but I probably will. I don’t think I would buy them though, unless the metallic/shiny ones perform differently in terms of the whole ‘getting stuck under my hair’ thing.

What do you think of these Jamberry nail wraps? Have you tried them before? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Jamberry nail wraps review by Lena Talks Beauty




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