iHerb wishlist

Time has come for me to do another iHerb wishlist post! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this great site, iHerb is a US-based online store that sells a variety of products – from makeup, to skincare, as well as snacks, and supplements too. It caters to many of my interests for this reason, and I shop on there fairly regularly. This post contains affiliate links, but I shopped on iHerb long before I earned affiliate credit, and would link to it regardless. All prices in this post are in USD, as that is how iHerb list their prices, and it’s easy for people to convert into whatever currency they use, as I have readers all around the world. I’ve got a mixture of items in here, from skincare, to makeup, to tea!

madre labs hand cream


The first thing in my cart that I am definitely buying is the Madre Labs hand cream with Argan oil. I have bought this previously and used it up – even cutting the top off the tube to get it all out as you can see in this empties post. It’s so nice for the dry skin I get in winter, and I’ve really been missing it lately. 

elf soiree eyeshadow


I’ve liked most of the makeup that I have bought from ELF, and these lustrous eyeshadows look really nice. Reviews and swatches online tell me that this is a creamy gel formula that is long lasting, so perfect for a night out. For only $3, how can you go past this!

elf copper cream eyeliner

E.L.F. Cosmetics Cream Eyeliner – Copper $3

Lately I’ve been into wearing gel or cream eyeliner, and bringing the colour under my eye as well (as inspired by Lani Loves). I’ve read that the ELF cream eyeliners don’t budge once they’re on, which I very much like the sound of, and it looks like a gorgeous rich shade. The brush will probably be rubbish but I have an Ecotools eyeliner brush I love – also from iHerb.

hurraw black cherry lip balm

Hurraw! Tinted Lip Balm – Black Cherry $3.37

People seem to be crazy about Hurraw lip balms, and I’ve had FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) about them, so I’ve gotta have one. I love cherry flavoured things, and this will also give me the opportunity to sing about cherry chapstick. For less than $4, how can I resist trying one? Having a balm with a tint to it is nice for if I don’t particularly feel like wearing lipstick but want a bit of colour and moisture on my lips.

harney and sons chocolate mint tea


Last weekend at #brunchclub I noticed this Harney & Sons Chocolate Mint flavoured black tea on the menu.  Angela from A Style Collector told me that it was delicious and available on iHerb! I love tea, and my formerly significant tea hoard is running low, so it’s time to order some more. This is a loose leaf tea, so you need to use a teapot or a mesh infuser – I have a couple of the iherb mesh tea infusers that are only 50c and they’re very handy.

If you’ve never shopped on iHerb before, enter my affiliate code JPP391 at the checkout, and you’ll save between $5-10! That makes already cheap prices even better.

Is there anything you think I’m missing from this order? What are the best products to order from iHerb? Let me know in the comments!





  • You can get the tea in sachets too if you prefer them over the loose kind. My sister highly recommends the Paris tea (even her chef at uni loves it) and I’ve tried the cinnamon one too which I liked. I have been thinking of ordering for a month now but your post and code will make me do it soon. I also get my vitamins and probiotics from iherb so I’ll stock up on those.

    I love Hurraw lipbalms. I have the cinnamon and chocolate. They smell so good. In my last order I had the Mint Julep face mask which works well with my oily/acne prone skin and I’d repurchase it. 🙂

    • I like the loose tea, especially using them in my fancy teapot. I love tea! I’ve heard SUCH good things about Hurraw balms, I really need one. I use the Mint Julep mask, it’s great for acne.

  • I love the Paris tea in the Harney and Sons too, it’s like a dainty kind of caramel/vanilla flavoured earl grey! I have to get some of those Hurraw balms and that Elf shadow looks amaaaazing <3

    • Hmm I’m not an earl grey fan but that sounds kind of nice! Maybe I should give it a try at a cafe or something, and then maybe iherb it!!

  • I did not know you could buy ELF on iHerb, that’s amazing 🙂


  • Lizzy

    I never realised they sold TEA on iHerb!! (I’ve never gone onto iHerb). This is dangerous…but I may now have to go and check it out.

  • Michelle Hwang

    I don’t know if you already have them, but I always order the Real Techniques stuff off there!