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Thursday, June 9th 2016 Makeup

One of my favourite online shopping websites is iHerb.com, and today I’m sharing my latest haul. iHerb sells a lot of natural food and healthcare products, but the main thing I buy from there is beauty products (of course!). This most recent order is more about the tools, rather than cosmetics, although one little item of makeup hopped into my cart. In this post I’ve shared my first impressions of two Bdellium Tools makeup brushes, an EcoTools hairbrush, and a Honeybee Gardens lip liner.

Purchased from iHerb Bdellium Tools, HoneyBee Gardens & Ecotool - Lena Talks Beaut

Bdellium Tools- Face 945 Contour Brush

I bought this contour brush because I had recently been sent the Collection contour duo (post coming soon!) and needed something to use it with. My approach to contouring has been fairly light, I’m not trying to sculpt my face, and this works well for blending the darker colour under my cheekbones. It feels a little bit like a Kabuki brush in that I am buffing it into my face, and I like it. Like all Bdellium tools brushes the Face 945 Contour Brush fairly affordably priced, I paid $15.93 NZ* for it.

Bdellium Tools – Eyes 776 Blending Brush

This is my second Bdellium 776 brush, since I loved my first one so much I wanted another so I could use them multiple days a week without washing. All the Bdellium brushes are so soft, I have several other eyeshadow brushes and you can read more about the ones I have in this post. I use this brush almost every time that I apply eyeshadow, and it works magnificently. The price is $11.47 NZD which is so cheap compared to most eyeshadow brushes that you can buy here. I’ve read that the Bdellium 776 brush is comparative to the MAC 217 brush, but I haven’t used one so I’m not sure about that.

Bdellium Tools, Pink Bambu Series, Face 945, 1 Contour Brush, Bdellium Tools, Pink Bambu Series, Eyes 776, 1 Blending Brush - Lena Talks Beauty

EcoTools Ultimate Air Dryer Brush

If there’s one beauty chore that I truly hate, it’s drying my hair. Usually I leave it to air dry but sometime it’s a necessary evil and I’ll have to blow dry it. My hair is long and thick, so it takes forever. When I saw that the EcoTools Ultimate Air Dryer brush says that it dries hair 40% faster I HAD to buy it. I’ve recently had my hair cut and significantly thinned out but it is still very thick. I tried using my new brush the other night, and I’m sorry to say it made no difference to how long it took to dry. Maybe it’s because despite watching a lot of tutorials I’m not very good at wielding both a blow dryer and a brush.

EcoTools Ultimate Air Dryer Brush

Honeybee Gardens JobaColors Lip Liner – Zen

My friend Cass always wears lip liners all over her lips like a lipstick, so it was with her in mind that I bought this Honeybee Gardens Lip Liner. Honeybee Gardens is a brand I had never seen before, but if this lip liner is anything to go by, they are likely to become more popular. The texture is quite dry which makes it long lasting, but it’s not the most comfortable lip product in the world. I solved this by applying a little bit of lip balm over the top, and it seemed to work well. The colour is quite natural on me, and it suits the ongoing trend of brown lips. The price was NZ$11.45 which is a bargain compared to some brands, but still more expensive than Essence and Jordana that I have bought lip liners from previously.

 Honeybee Gardens JobaColors Lip Liner Zen - Lena Talks Beauty

So there you have it, my latest iHerb haul! I don’t often do haul posts on here, but when I posted about this order on my Instagram @lenatalksbeauty  people were very keen to see what I thought about all of these items. If you haven’t shopped on iHerb before, use my code JPP391 – you will save $5-10 off your first order and I get a little commission which helps keep Lena Talks Beauty running.

What do you think of my haul? Have you bought anything from Bdellium Tools, Honeybee Gardens, or Ecotools before?

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