The gym goer’s guide to skincare

On various beauty groups I’ve seen a lot of people asking about how to make sure working out doesn’t ruin their skin. I’m both a skincare addict and also a regular gym-goer, so I’ve decided to give my advice about how I make sure that working out doesn’t have negative impacts on my skin.

The first thing is to never work out with make up on. For starters, when my sweat mixes with make up it looks disgusting, and I don’t want to look even less attractive than I already do when working out. I’ve read on blogs things about pores opening and sweat getting in, but the truth is ‘Your pores ain’t no sunflower’, and they don’t open and close. Regardless, having a mix of sweat and make up on your face isn’t ideal for skin health. I always take a clean face towel to the gym so I can wipe the sweat off, and I don’t want to smear make up on it also.

“But Lena, I wear make up during the day and then go to the gym”, you say? The solution is make up remover wipes! I generally don’t use these at home unless I’m feeling particularly lazy, but they get the bulk of your make up off which is good enough for before a work out. You can put them in your gym bag or leave them in your car, and do a quick wipe, and then you’re ready to exercise. My favourite are Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes, which are gentle yet effective.

Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes
These are my facial wipes of choice – they don’t sting my eyes like many others

With my clean face towel, I try to not put it on the ground or on the seats of machines – I don’t want to be basically wiping my face on the ground, that’s a recipe for disaster with bacteria and dirt all over my face. I mean, the gym is a clean place but still, people are walking all over it. I’m not preciously carrying my towel around, but I’d rather drape it over my shoulders than chuck it down willy nilly. I also don’t really touch my face a lot at the gym for that reason. I’m hardly a clean freak or a germaphobe but I observe a direct relationship between when I touch my face a lot and when I break out.

Once I’m finished at the gym I always go home and use a foaming cleanser in the shower to remove sweat, dirt and any traces of make up. I generally use my eye make up remover as well to get off the last of my mascara. If I’m not washing my hair, I use a face cloth to make sure I clean all around my hairline, because sometimes the sweat can gather there and that’s just gross. From there I just do the rest of my skincare routine, which I’ve written more about here.

Simple Facial Wash and eye make up remover

I hope some of you can find this helpful, even though the tips aren’t particularly groundbreaking, they have been working well for me. Just so I’m clear, this isn’t sponsored or anything, it just happens that the products I use are all the same brand. Most of these tips are relevant for types of exercise other than the gym, such as dancing, or running, so hopefully they’re applicable to a lot of my readers. If you have any great exercise related skincare tips, post them in the comments, I’d really appreciate it!

Lena x



  • Caitlin

    Lena recommended the Simple brand to me for a light moisturiser. It’s great for my skin I’ve had no break outs since using it and my dry flaking skin caused by eczema is gone too. So happy. Thanks Lena x

    • That’s awesome! I’m so glad to hear that 😀