3 Ways with MAC Heroine

Thursday, October 29th 2015 Beauty

I’m Elese from elesedowden.com & today Lena’s kindly let me guest post about one of my favourite topics. Of all the not-red-nude-or-pink coloured lipsticks in the world, purple is probably the least intimidating to tackle. It’s not as scary as mint, blue or yellow (Colorpop Charm anyone?), and yet, it still says something between “Mac DeMarco at the King’s Arms – keen?” and “It’s possible that I’m edgier than a NSFW metareddit.”

Over the last couple of years I’ve developed a serious problem re: purple lipsticks, and so have learned to maximize their potential fairly well. Contrary to popular belief, they’re just as versatile as pink lipsticks. If you think you can’t pull off purple at any occasion – from your cousin’s wedding to a barefoot trip to the supermarket, you’re wrong, and I’m here to show you how to do it.


Fig. 1 – Lipstick-less face. Pak N’Save appropriate, but also not very exciting.

I started out with a fairly natural base – Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream, Sleek Face Form Palette for a light contour and blush, the Elf Brow kit in Ash with MAC Brow Gel in Clear and the Naked2 Palette with a little MAC Fluidline and Jordana Best Lash Mascara. You could amp it right up for an evening occasion with a smoky eye or just keep it simple – after all, your lips are (quite literally) going to do the talking here.


Fig.2 – MAC Lip Pencils in Nightmoth and Magenta.

Step One
Start off with a lipliner – it’s not a total must in the purple lipstick world but there are three very good reasons why you should pick up at the very least a $2 shop lipliner to ensure an optimal purple lipstick experience: firstly because it adds longevity, and secondly because it improves your lipstick definition. You don’t want to be constantly reapplying your lipstick and you don’t want it to bleed either – this goes for all colours, not just purple. Thirdly, you can get a totally different result from different coloured bases – here I use both Nightmoth and Magenta to illustrate this.


Fig. 3 – MAC Nightmoth lipliner by itself.


Fig. 4 – MAC Magenta Lipliner by itself.

So you see – two very different bases. Magenta gives a more true Heroine purple, while Nightmoth intensifies and gives you a little more of a Lorde look.

Step Two
Apply your purple lipstick of choice. Obviously I’m using Heroine by MAC here, but you can use any dupe or variation you like (Some MAC ideas are Rebel, Instigator, Smoked Purple, Violetta, Punk Couture, Dramatic Encounter, or Media). For purple lipstick swatches, including MAC Heroine, see this post. I also used a lip brush for precision and also because I’ve de-potted all my MAC purples into a palette.


Fig. 5 – MAC Nightmoth with Heroine overtop – a very dramatic deep purple.


Fig. 6 – MAC Heroine with the Magenta liner underneath – a more classic way to do Heroine.

The first photo shows Heroine with Nightmoth under, and as you can see, it creates a very different purple to the more true Heroine that comes through in the second photo. I have worn both the first and the second variations of Heroine out to the supermarket and on nights out with the girls, and weirdly I got the most compliments from the check out girls (running total is three out of five supermarket trips).


Fig. 7 – MAC Like Venus Dazzleglass. My obsession with pink, glittery things is embarrassingly obvious in this photo.

Step Three
If you want to really up the amp, add a gloss overtop. This is hands down my favourite way to use MAC Dazzleglasses. They catch the light and look incredible in all kinds of settings – balls or cocktail parties, work functions, days at the races and so on and so on. Here I’m using MAC Like Venus.


Fig. 8 – MAC Magenta, Heroine & Like Venus in indoor light.


Fig. 9 – MAC Magenta, Heroine & Like Venus in outdoor light.

This last look is definitely more of a party look, but it’s definitely worth a try if you want your Heroine to be a little less Joan Jett and a little more Miley Cyrus.

There you have it, dear readers – three ways with MAC Heroine. Thank you so much to Lena for letting me guest post on her blog – you can catch me ranting about boys, dating, makeup, skincare and twenty-something life dilemmas over at elesedowden.com (or find me on twitter @eleseaesthete.)




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