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Getting ready for a date

As most of you know, I’m single and dating at the moment. As a ‘typical girl’ it takes me  forever, and a million products to get ready for a date. So, in his post I’m going to give you a behind the scenes look into the process of me getting ready for a date! I can do it in a rush, if need be, but I really would rather not. I enjoy the process – I always have music playing and usually have a pre-drink. A fair few of these products I’m using I’ve blogged about before since I like to use my tried-and-trued products, so I’ll link to the reviews where I can. I hope you enjoy this peek into my life…and if you’re the guy I’m dating, stop reading now, it’ll ruin the illusion.

date preparation
And so we begin…

Today, I’m starting with my nails. I used Ulta3 Violet Rumble* because it’s really pretty and still work-appropriate for the week ahead – to see that and more Ulta3 polishes on my nails read the post I did about them.. Then I plucked my eyebrows which took forever because I’ve been super busy with work and not dedicated enough to my #browgame. I did all this in my dressing gown and while watching Bones on Netflix – it’s one of those formulaic shows that I don’t need to watch that closely to follow the plot, especially since I’m up to my tenth season this year. Yes, I have too much free time on my hands, I’m well aware!

Ulta3 Violet Rumble Nail Polish - Lena Talks Beauty
Violet Rumble – so pretty!

Next up, the shower, since I need plenty of time for my hair to dry. I scrubbed my body with The Coffee Scrub* and used my Lush Snow Fairy body wash – it smells like delicious candy floss and I wish I had bought a larger bottle! I have a few different shampoos and conditioners, but on this occasion I washed my hair with Giovanni Shampoo and Conditioner which I purchased on  On my face, I used Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant* to make sure my skin was radiant!

The Coffee Scrub, Lush Snow Fairy, Giovanni Root 66 Max Volume - Lena Talks beauty.22

Once I was out of the shower I used Goodness Chia Seed oil* on my face and Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Body Lotion* on my freshly shaved legs. I like to let my hair air dry but I first used a tangle teezer-style brush and put in some Eleven miracle hair treatment. Once my hair was dry I used some Giovanni Frizz Be Gone Anti-Frizz hair serum – I love this stuff, I’m onto my second bottle of it and have got my mum into it as well. In NZ you can buy it from Farmers, but I usually get mine from iherb.

Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment, Goodness Chia Seed Oil, Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Body Lotion.45

I was wearing a purple dress, so I turned to the good people of twitter for suggestions about what eye makeup to wear. The answer was a resounding gold/bronze so who was I to disobey!

Smashbox, MAC, Urban Decay, NARS, Billion Dollar Brows, Clinique - Lena Talks Beauty.41

The products that I used are:

Here’s how it all looked – I wish I had had time to get my proper camera out for photos but I evidently spent too much time getting ready!

Date Preparation - Lena Talks Beauty.33

Here’s a closer look at the eye makeup…

Date Makeup - Lena Talks Beauty

I think it was a resounding success – he said I looked beautiful :). By the time I’m finishing writing this and you will be reading this, we’ve had subsequent dates and things are going very well, yaaay!

Do you have a ‘getting ready for dates’ routine? Am I excessively high maintenance? I’d love your comments! Also…you may want to read my post about essentials to pack in your handbag in case of an unexpected overnight stay!*

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*Product was given to me by a PR company or beauty brand for the purposes of review.



  • Emma

    Super pretty look + glad to hear things are going well with this guy. I have never really ‘dated’ so don’t really have a routine for this but am similarly high maintenance when preparing for date night with the husband.

    • I hadn’t dated really until this year so it’s all new for me! It’s still fun, even if the date doesn’t end up going that well. He and I have seen each other for three weekends in a row ?

  • Congrats on the successful dates! Your hair looks so pretty and I love your makeup, clearly this is one lucky guy ? (I mean that nicely, not creepily! Internet comments are weird like that lol). I spend my weekend nights watching Sesame St in my dressing gown with my husband and son, so Im living vicariously through your posts ? getting dressed up is FUN.

    • Haha you’re not creepy!! Thank you 🙂 He seems to feel lucky, and he’s even seen me without makeup now LOLOL. I was in a relationship for a really long time so it still feels weird to be out wining and dining when I used to spend my weekends snuggled up watching TV. Sesame St is pretty great 🙂 But getting dressed up is fun too!

  • Yeoooow you look fab! Great to hear that the date went well. My partner and I have been going on more “date nights” than we usually do (basically none) and it’s a fun process! I don’t tend to take very long with makeup and the getting ready routine but sometimes it’s nice to sit down and really enjoy it (with a drink in hand).

    • That’s so nice 🙂 I like doing it if I have a party or event to go to – got to impress my friends as well!! I didn’t drink on this occasion only because I didn’t want to open an entire bottle of wine but we made up for it on the date haha.

  • Chikoboo

    I’d say it was a huge success you look wonderful. It’s great to hear that the date went well too. I’ve been a fan of Ulta3 polishes for a long time they have some great shades don’t they =)

    • They really do! I’ve had their lipsticks for ages, since I first started getting into makeup but only tried the polish lately.

  • You look great! I’m similar when I’m getting ready but as I don’t have netflix, I catch up on Youtube videos instead while I’m doing my makeup. Btw, we have the same Giovanni shampoo and conditioner from iHerb. What do you think of them? I like the shampoo but I feel like the conditioner does nothing to my hair. I haven’t tried their anti-frizz serum though so I might look into that next time.

    • I do youtube sometimes as well! I feel quite meh towards the shampoo and conditioner – they are nice enough, but fairly small bottles compared to my usual 1.125l Tresemme which lasts me forever, so i feel like I’ll go through them really quickly. The serum is amazing, my mum has 10000 serums and when she borrowed this one from me she ended up buying her own!

      • Yeah I probably wouldn’t repurchase the shampoo and conditioner as they’re not great. Good to know the serum is great though. It will be added to my iHerb wishlist.

  • Kershia_CatwalkCult

    You look so beautiful for your date! I really love the way your hair is styled – you have to write a post on how you get those pretty waves in there! I’m married now (for 3 years) so my getting ready for a ‘date’ is rare these days – but I can always live vicariously through you right? 😛

    • I’m not sure if I’d have much to say – I didn’t blow dry it or anything, just put some of that miracle hair product in and let it dry naturally! Definitely live vicariously haha, the single life can be pretty fun – but I think the grass can always be greener on the other side you know?

      • Kershia_CatwalkCult

        ain’t that the truth! lol 🙂

  • I love this look on you! Getting ready for things is something I really enjoy too, loud music, a drink, lots of time and LOTS of products! 😉 I also think we have the same dressing gown, pink with pink and white hearts? Hehehe. MAC Syrup is a stunning natural yet gorgeous shade! He is a lucky man! Xxx

    • Yes!! It’s a good dressing gown, I always wear a dressing gown so I don’t get makeup on my clothes. I have some good getting ready playlists, nice to get excited for a night out! I’m going to tell him you said that!!

  • I absolutely loved this post Lena! Felt like I was dressing up with you. So candid and fresh! More such posts please 🙂 And happy dating love.

    • Thanks Nishu! Well presuming the dates keep going well then there will be more of these posts 🙂

  • I’m always fascinated to see how others get ready! I’m so nosey! So I loved this post 🙂 glad to know I’m not the only one who likes to pair getting ready with a pre-drink. And I agree with his verdict – you looked lovely!

    • I’m so nosey as well, so I like to share too! A drink is always nice, especially if you want to calm your nerves. Thank you 🙂

  • You look gorgeous! I love you eyeshadow colours. They work really well with the purple dress. I now want to try that coffee scrub and the Giovanni Anti-frizz – esp with the weather at the moment – frizz central.

    • The coffee scrub left my skin feeling nice but it makes such a mess in the shower. The eyeshadow looked perfect, I’ll have to remember that it goes so well with pruple!

  • It’s awesome that he noticed and said you looked beautiful. I think many guys don’t quite get makeup. They think you look hot, but they don’t know why. They definitely don’t understand why it takes so long 😀

    • He saw me doing makeup the other day and I don’t quite think he understood what was going on! It’s a mysterious art to them haha.

  • I feel I may be the only one that kinda doesn’t do ‘dates’ with pre-boyfriends…. but that could be because those “initial date(s)” automatically turn into a relationship lol – like my current boyf – I do believe our first date was at Mission Bay… and I probably just got ready like normal.

    • This date is now a relationship! <3 Hehe it's cute looking back on this post.

      • nawww cute! congraultions! all the best wishes! <3

        Yeah I love looking back at my old posts (on my other many many blogs/journals!) and coz I also have a terrible memory ~_~