My floatation tank experience

Earlier this week, my Mum and I went and had a session in a floatation tank. We had both been wanting to try it for a while, and decided to give it a go when she found a special at a newly opened floatation centre called Float.Life in the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. What is a floatation tank, you ask? They’re also known as float tanks, isolation tanks, sensory deprivation tanks, and a variety of other names. It’s basically an enclosed bath, with warm water with Epsom salts added. The water is usually fairly shallow – at Float.Life it is 38cm deep, but the salt in the water means you float really well. The only time I touched the bottom was if I was wriggling around. Mum said that she tried to roll over in it, and the water wouldn’t allow you to remain that way, it naturally turned her over onto her back..

floatation tank
This is what the tank looked like

For the purposes of this post, I’ll give the caveat that I’m not an expert, and am merely writing about my own experience, as well as sharing what I’ve read about this. I’m sure that it varies at different places. Also, sorry that the photos aren’t great – they are just quick snaps since I wasn’t intending on writing a post about this, but people were soooo curious on Twitter that I decided to.

We spent around 50 minutes in the tanks, and it went past in a flash for me. It started with 5 minutes of relaxing music, with the light still on inside, and after the 5 minutes it was pitch black and quiet. At the end, the relaxing music starts quietly for 2 mins and then the little light came on. At first I wriggled around in the tank, and my mind was still very busy, but once the first 5 minutes passed I began to relax. I actually fell asleep for quite a while, and it was really relaxing. I’m usually a highly strung person and I had been particularly stressed in the week leading up to this, even experiencing a full blown panic attack at work. After this floatation session, I felt so relaxed. It was very similar to how I feel after getting a great massage.

inside the floatation tank
This is how it looks inside the floatation tank

You float nude – although you can choose to wear togs, I didn’t feel the need to. The room was private with a locked door so it was just like having a bath. The Epsom salts left my skin feeling really nice, my fingers weren’t wrinkled and my mum thinks my acne around my jaw has improved since it. I’ve also read that it’s great for sore muscles, and athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport use them as part of their recovery.

Remember this episode of The Simpsons? It wasn’t like that! (Image credit: Isolation Tank Plans)

People on Twitter had a lot of questions about floating, so I’ll do my best to answer them.

Did you feel claustrophobic?

I didn’t – although I’ve never felt claustrophobic before. There was room to sit up in the floatation tank, and there’s the option to have a light on inside, or have the door/roof open if you’d like. I felt very comfortable in it, and you can get out at any time if you want.

What are the benefits of floating?

There are a number of different benefits – for relaxation, for sore muscles, or chronic pain – I can imagine it would have been great back when I was suffering from tennis elbow due to repetitive strain.

How much did it cost?

At Float.Life they had a special of $65 for 1 hour float, but their usual price is $79 – they also have various packages, so visit their website if you are in the Gold Coast and want to float.

After reading this, contacted me and offered a discount code for my readers! LENA25 will take 25% off the $79 bringing it down to $59.25.

In Auckland there is Float Culture, and whilst I haven’t been there, they informed me on Facebook it is $100 for a 90 minute session, or $225 for 3 90 minute sessions.

Would you do it regularly?

I would love to – doing it monthly would be amazing. However, at this point in my life, I couldn’t afford to do that. I would definitely like to float again in the future.

float life


After our floats, we sat and enjoyed Green Tea and water in the lounge area, which was a lovely way to readjust to the outside world.

If you have any questions about floating, let me know in the comments section and I’ll do my best to answer! Does this look like something you would enjoy?

Ever wondered about floatation tanks? I went for a float, and wrote about my experience. I also answered some FAQs about floatation tanks, or sensory deprivation tanks



  • Sarah Lilly

    I’ve never heard of anything like this before, but it sounds amazing! I’d definitely give it a try if they had them here!

    Sarah Lilly || The Lilly Mint Blog

  • I’ve been wanting to try this forever! There used to be one in Auckland but it closed down before I could try it.

    • Oh bummer! I’d been interested in it for so long, and mum had wanted to do it since she was in her teens, so when she asked I jumped at the chance.

  • Christel Hansen

    This is awesome! When you were talking about it, it immediately reminded me of that episode of The Simpsons hahahaha.
    I get a bit claustrophobic at times, so I’m happy to hear that they have the option of keeping it open – if you need it. Floating in general is so relaxing (grew up with a pool & spent most of my Summer days just floating around it), so I understand how amazing something like this would be. Super interesting post! I was telling the boyfriend about it and he is mega keen, especially since he trains so hard at the gym – the price isn’t too appealing though, have to say. oxoxo

    • It’s nice that there’s the option to have it open but I felt fully comfortable with it closed. Yeah it’s pricey but so is something like getting a massage – it’s more of an occasional treat. They did have some package deals that I saw at the Auckland place – could be a nice anniversary treat or after a big workout related something.

  • I’ve totally been interested in trying this too but it is SO expensive in London which is such a pain! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • It’s definitely not cheap but if you can get a good special or something its an amazing treat.

  • Never heard of this before! But sounds so so cool. I’d love to be inside one!

  • I would love to try this, it sounds so relaxing and I bet it would help my chronic pain through winter!


    Hi Lena, can you send us a message on Twitter – we have a 25% off code for you and your readers

  • The BF and I really want to try floating! I’m getting into meditation for my anxiety and this sounds like heaven! I’m Def gonna look into doing this in NZ. I’m not sure is you have answered this, but you mentioned you fell asleep, was there any way you could have drowned…. That’s a bit of a concern to me as I bet would sleep too haha

    • It was so good, perfect for an anxious person like me, it felt like all my worries had faded away. Mum said she tried really hard to roll over, and couldnt, and they assured in the FAQ that you couldn’t drown in there. I mean, it *could* be possible but I was sound asleep for most of the time and didn’t have a problem.

  • I think I would be really scared to try this. It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie! But I guess I understand why this would be relaxing, being in water and floating. And it’s dark and quiet.

    • I think because it’s so spacious inside I wasn’t freaked out or anything. It was so relaxing.

  • Staci Rose

    I can’t wait to try floating. One of my colleagues tried it and he said his dreams were almost like hallucinations, but that he felt super laxed out afterwards. I am also pretty highly wired so anything that promises to relax me I will give a go. So cool that we actually have this in NZ!

    • Oh that’s so cool! I felt super relaxed afterwards – we had a while afterwards just drinking tea and water which was sort of like coming back to life, or slowly waking up. I don’t find relaxing easy but being fully isolated in there made it easy.

  • Yay! So glad you did this post. I really really want to try this out as it seems like such a cool idea and great alternative way to relax. I feel like it would be more relaxing than a massage as I always find massages hurt haha

    • ooh it’s kind of a good hurt though! I love massages like that haha, but for different reasons.

  • wow i have never heard of this before, what an interesting concept! was great reading your review, might have to try it out now 😀

    ♥ Ellen #NZblogger


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    • It’s a bit of a strange sounding concept, but it was just so great – I keep telling everyone about it! If you try it, I’d love to know what you think!

  • Great post! I would be so keen to try one of these, just abit out of my normal price range! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it, it’s good to hear about what it was like 🙂

    • Thanks Lizzy! It would be out of my usual price range too but if I put money aside to treat myself I think I could do it again – maybe you could do it for a birthday treat or reward for focussing or fitness or something?