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Monday, November 23rd 2015 Nails

Femme Fatale Jewels From The Deep - Lena Talks Beauty

Femme Fatale is an Australian indie cosmetics brand, and for a very long time I have lusted over them but I’ve never bought anything from there before….until now! I saw a post about their Midsummer Night’s Dream collection that included swatches of every single polish and I just couldn’t say no! This is Jewels From the Deep, which is a vibrant teal-blue base with green shimmers, olive green chameleon flakes, scattered holo and more!

Femme Fatale Jewels From the Deep nail polish - Lena Talks Beauty

The Midsummer Night’s Dream collection is comprised of 7 polishes all inspired by Shakespeare’s play. I haven’t actually read the play, but I did make my stage debut playing a fairy in ‘A Kidsummer Night’s Dream’ when I was in primary school so that’s close enough.

This is going to be a lengthy post, full of pictures, so settle in for a long review! To start, it seems so fancy that these polishes come in boxes. If you were the sort of person who had an organised polish collection as opposed to having them all dumped in drawers, being able to put them so closely together with labels on the tops of boxes would be very useful.

Femme Fatale Jewels From The Deep - Lena Talks Beauty

Femme Fatale nail polish bottles are 9ml (0.3 fl oz) which is small compared to an OPI or Essie polish which are 15ml (0.5 fl oz) but really, I have never finished a nail polish. Although this is so amazing I might just wear it every day for the rest of my life.

Femme Fatale Jewels From the Deep nail Lacquer - lena talks beauty

Isn’t this polish just astonishingly beautiful?! It makes me think of a mermaid’s tail, and if I was any good at nail art I would paint scales on my nails to make them look like that…but I’m not, unfortunately. I applied two coats to get it to perfect opacity which is what I would consider standard for nail polish. I paired Jewels From The Deep with Orly Bonder, and Glisten and Glow HK Girl top coat which I have blogged about previously. HK Girl smoothed out the glitter in the polish and gave it a perfect shiny finish.

I’ve been wearing this polish all week, and so many people have commented on it – customers, friends, and even my grandma’s room mate in hospital! Jewels From The Deep is so eye catching and beautiful. I absolutely will be buying more from Femme Fatale, who needs mainstream polish brands where you can get such an incredible price for $11.25 (plus shipping). All Femme Fatale polishes are vegan, cruelty free and 5-free.

Femme Fatale Jewels From The Deep Swatch - Lena Talks Beauty

Now, for the bad news. For those of you, like me, who don’t live in Australia there is a 10 bottle minimum order for shipping internationally because of the difficulties in shipping hazardous goods internationally. I bought this as a group order with some friends so you can shop up large that way, or alternatively you can purchase from Shiro Cosmetics (USA), Color 4 Nails (USA), or Rainbow Connection (UK). Femme Fatale’s listing for Jewels From The Deep is here however at the time of writing it is out of stock 🙁

What do you think of this polish? Is it amazing? Or is it totally amazing? Have you ever bought anything from Femme Fatale?

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  • TOTALLY AMAZING. I love it and want this polish in EVERY colour pls – especially in gold and silver tones I bet it would look STUNNING

  • I so agree with you on this. This nail polish is BEAUTIFUL. Definitely gives me the mermaid feels. If only this is easily available in NZ as I’d want this in every colour possible.

    • It’s such a pain that shipping polish internationally is so hard! But I’m glad I have this!!

  • This is incredibly beautiful! Can I buy ten bottles by myself…probably! I love femme fatale

  • Oh wow this colour is so beautiful and mermaid-y! It would look amazing as scales haha. It looks like it would change between blue & green in the light. Love it! x

    Ella | Pink Lemonde and Makeup


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