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Face of the day

Sometimes, I do a really nice makeup look and just feel compelled to share it on here. This post doesn’t have a particular theme, I suppose you could just call it a Face Of The Day (or rather night) post. I used a few products that I don’t often use, including a lipstick which I bought at Christmas time and had yet to even open. I possibly shouldn’t have spent so long doing my makeup and playing with my new camera as I ended up being late to the event I was going to, but since I did, it only makes sense that I should at least share the photos. After the jump, find out what products I used!

pretty makeup

The occasion for this makeup was attending the CLEO Rimmel London Model Search 2015 grand final catwalk show event last week. All of the finalists were beautiful, and looked great on the runway, but the winner in the end was Amy Tomlinson – congratulations! We got a lovely goodie bag with Rimmel London and Schwarzkopf products, and I’ve already used the nail polish in some nail art which you can see over on instagram (ps – follow me @lenatalksbeauty). Thanks to Cleo Magazine, Rimmel London NZ, Schwarzkopf and all the sponsors for a lovely event. I went with my friend Laura from Laura Laura Blog, and we were pretty excited to be sitting behind NZ’s biggest beauty youtuber, Shaaanxo.

Anyway, on to the makeup – here are all the products I used. I will link where I have full blog posts on the products.

ulta 3 lipstick, nars albatross highlighterFace

These are mostly favourites that I wear all the time.


eye makeup - darling girl and silk naturals eyeshadow


On my lips I wore a lipstick from Ulta3 – 035 plum velvet matte. Ulta3 is a super cheap brand, I bought this lipstick from a pharmacy in Australia for around $4, and they are priced similarly in New Zealand. It was good to wear to an event as it didn’t rub off on my wine glasses, or when I was having something to eat.

ulta 3 plum velvet matte lipstick

All in all, I was pretty pleased with this look. I was a bit iffy about having pink eyeshadow and red lips, but I figured that when my eyes are open you can’t actually see a huge amount of my lids so it worked. I’m also really in love with my new (to me) camera – I feel like it’s really helped me pick up my game, although I still have a lot to learn about how to work it. What do you think of this look?

lena x