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I recently wrote a post about my experience of getting eyelash extensions. It’s been a wee while since then, so I wanted to do a follow up and answer some reader questions about my lash extensions. I’ve answered questions about lasting time, effects, and behaviours to avoid. I’ve also given my advice for how to find a good lash technician. For disclosure purposes – my lash services were complimentary for the purposes of a social media post, and I’m just blogging about it because I found it so interesting.

Question time!

Lou the Beauty Foodie asked –

  • Will you get them done again? I don’t think I’ll keep them up regularly, there’s just too much time and money involved. I already spend a fortune and a lot of time on my hair, so can’t do both. I would get lash extensions done again for a special event though.
  • How did you remove eye makeup (product used)? I used Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover  on a cotton bud. I tried using a cotton pad, and makeup remover wipes but it was better to be more careful even if it took longer.
  • How long did they last? My first set of eyelash extensions lasted 2 weeks, and my second a little longer. Michelle, the lash technician at Mai Beauty Lounge, told me that most people need an infill after 2-3 weeks. After about 10 days I noticed that I had lost quite a lot of lashes. After 2 weeks, almost all my lash extensions on my right eye were gone, and but were a decent number on the left eye. When I went for my infill after 2 weeks, she was surprised at how many I had lost. It seems that I am particularly rough on my lashes, despite trying my best to protect them at all costs. I faithfully combed them with my spoolie every day, and bought an oil-free eye makeup remover. However, crying and rubbing your eyes aren’t good for the lashes. Ask me how I know! I don’t recommend doing that at all. Your natural lashes shed on a 30 day cycle, similar to how hair elsewhere on your body grows. Losing between 2-5 lashes a day is normal, but the long extension being attached to them makes you pay more attention to it when it falls out. Especially if they fall into your eye!!!
Eyelash extensions after 2 weeks by Lena Talks beauty

My eyelash extensions after 2 weeks

I did some research on what could be causing my lashes to fall out so fast and it seemed that my sleep could be to blame!

There are many different reasons as to why this may happen, but the primary reason is in the way you sleep. Sleeping on one side, or on your stomach, can cause your lashes to fall faster, as they are pressed against your pillow for several hours which loosens the bond between the extension and your natural lash” – LashMe

I tend to go to sleep on my right side, and whilst I move a lot in my sleep (according to previous boyfriends), it always involves my face being smushed into my pillow. Someone online recommended putting pillows on either side of you when going to sleep on your back so that you don’t crush your lashes onto the pillow. This felt a bit weird, and probably wouldn’t be practical if someone else is in your bed, but luckily I have it all to myself. My second set of lash extensions lasted longer because I was even more careful.

Fresh eyelash extensions by mai beauty lounge - Lena Talks beauty

My fresh set of lash extensions

From xtwolittlebirdiesx “do they irritate at all? make your eyes water or scratch your skin?” – No, they’re very comfortable. I haven’t noticed my eyes watering or feeling sore at all. The only bad effect is if one falls in your eye, similar to a natural lash.

My mum asked –
  • Does humidity affect them? Not as far as I know, and I had them during Auckland summer where humidity is always like 90%
  • And how about sweating? eg working out and sweating a lot. No, but the main risk from sweating would be wiping your eyes. The same with swimming, I swam fine with my eyelash extensions and did Aqua Aerobics classes but had to be careful to blot my eyes as opposed to roughly wiping. I really learned how rough I was on my eyes while having lashes!

eyelash extension on lena talks beauty

A lot of people asked me – Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

If applied by a trained technician, with good quality products (lashes/glue), and removed correctly, eyelash extensions should not damage your natural lashes. I’ve heard and seen some horror stories in various online beauty groups, but I’ve been very happy with my experience with Michelle. In New Zealand, there are no regulations requiring qualifications or a license to perform most beauty services unlike in the USA. This leaves plenty of room for dodgy, cheap salons to spring up and take advantage of unsuspecting clients. If you’re going to get lash extensions, like with any beauty service, it pays to check out reviews and ask about their qualifications. I would definitely avoid getting them done in cheap nail/beauty salons like you see in a lot of malls and shopping centres. Price doesn’t always indicate quality but quite often you get what you pay for. Here’s an example of lashes done at Professional (cheap & crappy mall nail bar) and then done by Michelle. Amber is my friend and she said her previous lashes felt so heavy and really damaged her lashes.

Fresh Full set of classic lashes did for my beautiful client Amber..💕💕 It took almost an hour to remove her existing set which was done elsewhere. There were heaps of clumps etc.. Please please choose your eyelash tech wisely.

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I hope that this post was interesting and useful to any of you who may be considering getting eyelash extensions. If you have any more questions leave them in the comment section, and I’ll do my best to answer!

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  • Interesting post, thanks Lena! I doubt I’ll ever get eyelash extensions as mine are already quite long (and are even longer when I apply mascara) & I’d damage them from rubbing my eyes, but I can see why people would. Your poor friend & her first set of (un-professionally applied) lashes – eeeeeek!

    Shell // The Novice Life

    • I’m so jealous of long lashes! Mine aren’t too bad but extensions made them look amazing. yes I felt so bad for her! Cheap places like that use bad materials and aren’t properly trained, same with getting acrylic nails there.

  • Wow your lashes look incredible! They are so full and voluminous, I will definitely have to consider getting it done 🙂 x

  • Sukanya Mukherjee

    This is such an interesting post! Never had lash extensions before but they look amazing and it was great reading about it!
    P.S. Your eyelashes look lovely!



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