Essence Cosmetics Summer 2016 releases

Monday, December 5th 2016 Makeup


Essence Cosmetics is a relative newcomer to the New Zealand makeup scene, and I’ve been a big fan ever since their launch. Essence releases new products all throughout the year which keeps the range fresh and up with current trends. They recently sent me a huge bundle of products, as you may have seen on my instagram and I decided to put them all on my face. Well, not all at once – that would be ridiculous! What I did was a full face look using all Essence products, and I’ll give a quick rundown on my thoughts of each item.


Let’s start with the first product I applied which is Camouflage 2 in 1 makeup and concealer – 10 Ivory beige. It claims that it will give long lasting, high coverage to hide all imperfections and provide a matte and flawless finish without a mask-like effect. That seemed like a pretty big claim to me, so I put it to the test. To be honest I didn’t find the coverage particularly high – I have others that give much more coverage. I built it up as a concealer on the parts of my face that have the most  blemishes but I still wasn’t 100% happy. Perhaps my skin type doesn’t play well with the matte formula. If it wasn’t for the purposes of this post, I definitely would have layered over another concealer.


Next I used the Satin Touch blush – 10 Satin Coral. It has a lovely silky texture with finely milled powder. I also liked the pattern on the top, not like it makes any difference in terms of the actual product but it’s pretty nonetheless. I also made use of the Light up your face luminizer palette  10 ready, set, glow! I applied the middle shade to my cheekbones and swept some up under my eyebrows which is something I learned at the MAC Technique workshop I attended. There is a very detailed ‘paint by numbers’ diagram on the back of the palette that shows where to apply which shade but that was a bit advanced for me haha.


On my eyes I kept things simple with a swipe of Extreme lasting eye pencil – 05 rockin taupe. As a side note, I see the word taupe to describe so many different colours these days! Some people have used it for almost green and almost purple colours and I find it very confusing. Words have meanings people, you can’t just use them for whatever you fancy. This eyeliner pencil complimented my eyes and applied smoothly on my lids. I think this would also look nice smudged along the lower lashline.


The False Lashes mascara has a small precise wand, and it applied well. I didn’t even need to get out my trusty lash comb. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it looked like I had false lashes, but it did look like I had fabulous lashes. Perhaps if I curled my lashes and applied extra coats they’d be fully va-va-voom!


Lipsticks were the first thing I ever tried from Essence, back before they were even sold in New Zealand. This is Matt Matt Matt lipstick – 02 perfect match. The name makes me think that someone called Matt is my perfect match. Which, I mean, given my perpetual singledom, gives me hope haha. It’s a nice matte formula, not too drying thank goodness. I like the attention to detail you get with Essence products, the E logo etched into the lipstick bullet is a nice touch. The tube lids are colour coded to the product inside, which is helpful when you have 20 different lipsticks in your handbag like I usually do.


In this lip swatch it looks as if the lipstick is really sitting in the lines of my lips, but from normal viewing distance it looks fine. It feels comfortable and fades normally – not flaky or gross like some ultras matte lipsticks. I had to reapply after meals but it lasted through drinks which is what I expect from a matte lipstick. Some people expect them to last all day and night but with the amount I lick my lips that’s just unrealistic. I’ve gone out before with my mum, and worn the same lipstick, and mine disappears and hers is still perfectly intact.


Essence Cosmetics products are so affordable, which is really saying something when in NZ drugstore brands usually start at $25 for a foundation! You can really take a gamble and see if a new trend suits you. As well as the makeup, their nail polishes are fabulous – I reviewed The Gel Polish in a recent post too. Prices for the products in this post, in NZ, are as follows:

  • Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil $4.50
  • Matt Matt Matt Lipstick $5.20
  • Satin Touch Blush $5.65
  • The False Mascara $6.30
  • Camouflage 2 in 1 $8.55
  • Luminizer Palette $8.95

Essence is available from selected Farmers stores – visit their website for an up to date list of stockists, as well as Pricewise stores and their website. For a closer look at range of releases for Summer 2016 in New Zealand you can visit Essence Cosmetics.

What do you think of Essence Cosmetics? Have you tried any of their products?

Essence Cosmetics Summer 2016 releases, reviewed by Lena Talks Beauty

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  • I LOVE the colour of that lipstick! And your lashes look bomb as. I think when my mascara runs out I’m gonna need to get this one.

    • I just laughed at the notion of only having one mascara haha #makeupaddictproblems. it’s such a nice lipstick.

      • I used to have a bunch on the go but these days I wear makeup so infrequently that it’s not worth having so many open at once.

  • I can’t believe i still haven’t got around to trying essence, it’s such an affordable brand!


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