May Empties

Another month, another empties post! I’ve managed to use up 10 products over the last month – 6 full size, and 4 samples. I’m pretty impressed with it, and it goes to show what not buying new things and focusing on finishing specific products can do. I’ve been enjoying finishing products, and taking the time to write a post and evaluate whether I will purchase them again. Last month I split the post into two, and I considered doing thatagain this month but it just took so long, so this month I am doing them all together and am just going to attempt to be brief – something that is decidedly not easy for me!paulas choice vitamin c serum, kim kardashian perfume, schwarzkopf bb cream for hair, sebastian whipped creme

I’m still on a no-buy, as I detailed in this post, but for the purposes of this post my evaluation of whether I would repurchase a product is as if I could afford to shop – and as if I didn’t have a ridiculous stash of products as it is.

Sebastian whipped creme, de lorenzo nova fusion silver, schwarzkopf bb repair, garnier fructis shampoo
Foil sachets are so hard to photograph!
Sebastian Whipped Creme

This is a mousse, but not an 80s type mousse – it gives a nice definition to curls and waves. I scrunched it through my damp hair and mostly let it air dry, and I really liked the effect it had on my hair.

Repurchase? Probably not, there are similar products for cheaper.

Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo pure shine

I really don’t have much to say about this, other than that I don’t think shampoos can fortify your hair. Hair is dead already, the best you can do is sort of smooth it. As a shampoo it was fine but really nothing special.

Repurchase? No.

De Lorenzo Nova Fusion Colour Care Shampoo – Silver

I acquired this from my mother, so I didn’t use this entire bottle by myself. This is a classic purple shampoo for blonde or highlighted hair, and it kept my hair from showing any dreaded brassy tones! It was a good shampoo too.

Repurchase? Yes, if I still had blonde hair!

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair BB Beauty Balm

When I got this sample, the thought that ran through my mind was ‘WTF is a BB cream for hair?’ – and I bet that’s a common thought people have with it. It describes itself as a ‘multi-purpose hair beautifier’, and I would describe it as a moisturiser for hair. If my hair is looking a bit dry or frizzy I use a bit of this and it works very nicely.

Repurchase? Yes! I really liked this.

kim kardashian fragrance, Maybelline dream lumi touch concealer

Kim Kardashian Signature Fragrance Eau De Parfum

This perfume has really fond memories associated with it. I was in Las Vegas with my sister, and both of us are huge Kardashian fans, so we visited their Kardashian Khaos store in the Mirage hotel. I bought a box set with 3 Kim Kardashian perfumes, including a special edition Love perfume made for her wedding to Kris Humphries – that perfume has lasted longer than their marriage, and it’s much nicer!

Repurchase? Maybe, once I finish my other 2 Kim Kardashian perfumes

Maybelline Dream LumiTouch Highlighting Concealer

Not a true empty, but an old product that is well past its expiry date. It was a decent highlighter but there are better ones out there.

Repurchase? No

Paula's Choice C15 Super Booster, Soap and glory lighteous body butter, nivea stress protect deodorant, daiso bb hyaluronic acid face mask

Daiso bb Face mask with hyaluronic acid

Everything is a BB these days – first for hair and now a face mask is a BB?! Last month in my empties it included a Hyaluronic Acid mask, and I said I wasn’t sure where to get them in NZ – well, the answer is my beloved Daiso! This was really lovely.

Repurchase? Definitely.

Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster

This was my second bottle of Paula’s Choice Vitamin C serum, and I have loved them both. Great for evening out skin tone and removing hyperpigmentation.

Repurchase? Probably, once I’ve finished another Vitamin C serum I have.

Soap and Glory Lighteous Body Butter

Just a wee sample that my sister brought me from Sephora in the states, but I really enjoyed this body butter from Soap and Glory. Smells delicious, and light yet moisturising!

Repurchase? If it was easily available in NZ

Nivea Stress Protect clinical strength anti perspirant*

This is a really effective anti-perspirant, but I have a few quibbles with it. Firstly, the packaging means there is a lot of product that you can’t actually use which seems wasteful. Secondly, you can easily get white marks from it which is annoying.

Repurchase? No.

I’m not sure if that was quite as brief as I had been intending to be, but I got through them all in the end! I find finishing products to be so satisfying – I am pretty close to finishing a few more already and it’s only early June. Have you tried any of these? What do you think of them – the same as me or different? Let me know in the comments!



*product supplied by Nivea.



  • Christel Hansen

    YAY! I love empties posts so much 😀
    I wasn’t a big fan of that Kim Kardashian perfume, it was just a tad too strong and didn’t smell quite right on me – but it seems to smell great on other people! I’m a bit sad because my Armani Code is almost empty and I don’t wanna have to buy another one just yet, but I just can’t live without it! #dramatic
    There’s something so satisfying about working your way through products! oxoxo

    • Empties are so great! I always read them, since if someone has fully finished something they really know what they’re talking about when they review it. Fragrance is funny, the individual persons’ chemistry really seems to make a big difference. I would love to get another Clinique Happy, I’ve had quite a few bottles of it, and it makes me so happy just smelling it! I added a couple more empties to my box last night, yussss.

  • I love reading through empties! Good job on completing so many products this month! I love that Nivea deodorant! I find it super good! xx

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  • I’ve seen those masks on Daiso but wasn’t sure if they were any good! Glad to hear you had good results with this one. There’s a store inside Midcity Arcade (the name escapes me) that sells Korean beauty products (Etude House, 3CE, etc.) and loads of face masks too!

    • Oh that’s cool – I’ve heard of some of those brands but didn’t realise they sold them here. I suppose it makes sense given how many Korean people live here, plus their skincare becoming more popular with westerners too.

  • Marleen S

    Yay i love empties! Feels so satisfying finishing off a product! P.S i love your blog aswell x