Review: Collection Cosmetics Nail Polish

Recently Collection Cosmetics (re)launched in New Zealand, and as part of this they did a big giveaway on their Facebook page. I was lucky enough to win a nail polish – shade number 12 which called Purplicious. I have had this on my toes for the last few weeks but figured that once was probably enough when it comes to posting pictures of my toes on the blog, and took some pictures when I put it on my fingernails.

I really liked this polish, it was beautifully opaque in two coats, not at all streaky, and dried very quickly. I liked the chunky top of the bottle as it was easy to hold while painting, and the brush is just a very standard size/shape – not too big or too small. The longevity has been good so far, I’m 3 days in and no sign of a chip despite my propensity to do reckless things with my nails.

Here’s how it looks on my nails before I cleaned up around the cuticles, and added a top coat:

Collection Cosmetics Nail Polish Purplicious
Two coats

This is the final result, which I’m very impressed with for such an affordable polish – they’re only $6.39! I would rather have 4 or 5 of these polishes than just one OPI polish.

2 coats of Collection Cosmetics Purplicious nail polish and Sally Hansen Instadry Top Coat
2 coats of Collection Cosmetics Purplicious Nail polish and Sally Hansen Instadry Top Coat

Collection Cosmetics don’t test on animals which is good for those who are on the look out for cruelty free products. There are 24 shades of polish in the range and I think I’ll be buying a few more of these. Collection is exclusively sold at Countdown in New Zealand, you can find out if it’s available in your area on their website. I’ve heard good things about their concealer and mascara, and seeing as it’s so cheap I can imagine it’ll be easy to pop a few in my trolley.

Have you tried anything by Collection – what else should I try?

Lena x

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  • Their lippies are great. I won one in the same giveaway and reviewed it on my Instagram.

    • I’ll go check that out! I have lippie overload at the moment but always looking out for more haha

  • This colour is fab, so great to meet you today! X

    • It was so good hanging out today 🙂

  • The Does It All mascara is pretty good, but clumps on me a little — I have fairly sparse lashes so have to be really careful when building it up. The concealer is ok, pretty thick but not too hard to blend out nicely.

    Speaking of cheap nail polishes — check out Ulta3 at Postie Plus! I’ve been telling everyone about this today — I’ve had mine on for a week (with Sally Hansen top coat) and there’s only a bit of tip wear. $4! And they have $6 lippies. According to Makeupper’s instagram, they launched in NZ a few weeks ago.

    • I have one of Ulta3’s lipsticks, it was my first ever red that mum gave me when I was just getting a bit braver with make up last year, and it’s great quality. I’ll have to pop in to postie, there’s one by work that I wander in to fairly often.