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Tuesday, June 21st 2016 Makeup

Confession time – until recently, I had never tried contouring. I was always too scared that it’d look muddy or unnatural, so I just decided to steer clear. That is, until Collection sent me their new contour kit and I decided to take the bull by the horns! In this post I’m going to give you a complete noob’s guide to contouring, and a review of the Collection contour kit.

“If you’re still all about defining those cheekbones you can sculpt, contour and shimmer with the NEW COLLECTION Contour Kit. Featuring a matte contour powder to sculpt and add depth to the facial contours and a pearlescent shimmer powder to highlight and illuminate, this quick and easy use compact will have you contouring like a pro in no time. For extra ease of use, each pack contains how-to instructions and a diagram on the back of pack – bonus! “

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The Collection Contour Kit is a ‘one size (shade) fits all’ approach to contour kits. This is much fewer than some of the popular brands which seem to offer multiple shades within the kit, as well as different options for the kits themselves. This does limit who will be able to use this kit, but I suppose for such a cheap product there are limits to the varieties that Collection can produce without inflating costs of production. Fortunately for me, the colours work for my skin tone.

Collection Contour Kit review by Lena Talks Beauty

As you can see in the image above, the kit includes a peachy highlight and a light brown shade. I think peach shades look more natural on the skin than a frosty highlight, and this can be worn alone without blush. The brown shade may be a touch warm but it’s definitely workable for a subtle look. I like it when palettes include mirrors but in this instance I think they may as well have left it out, you can barely see your face in it. Useful in a pinch I suppose?

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There is a highlighting and sculpting diagram on the back of the Collection Contour Kit but even that seemed a little advanced for me. For this foray into contouring, I decided to stick to the fairly classic approach of highlight on the cheekbones and the darker shade just underneath that. Contouring 201 might be around the jawline, maybe I’ll be capable of that by 2017.

Contour brushes

The brushes that I have used at various points with the Collection contour kit are as follows:

  • Bdellium 945 Contour Brush – available from iHerb.
  • Contour brush – this was a promo item for a gift bag, doesn’t appear to be available still.
  • Real Techniques Setting Brush – available from iHerb

In all the contouring tutorials that I’ve looked at, they seem to use a long, flat brush to contour. It does gives a very defined look to the contour, but I felt it looked too harsh with my everyday makeup. The Bdellium contour brush is dense to buff in the contour powder and gives a more subtle look. Real Techniques Setting Brush is great for highlighting, I’ve had it for about a year now and use it all the time.

Collection Contour Kit - Highlight and Sculpt with Lena Talks Beauty

COLLECTION Contour Kit is on sale now in New Zealand with an RRP of $21.99. Collection Cosmetics is available exclusively at Countdown Supermarkets, and to find out which stores stock them, visit Collection’s website. Whilst this palette isn’t perfect, it’s an affordable way to try a new trend which is what I like about it. I’ll be experimenting more with using it, you may see it popping up on my Instagram – @Lenatalksbeauty.

Have you tried the Collection Contour Kit? What did you think of it?
What are your thoughts on contouring? Let me know in the comments section, I love hearing your thoughts!

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Collection Contour Kit was provided to me for review.




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