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Life update – where have I been?!

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and I’ve missed it so much. The last couple of months have been incredibly busy for me, and blogging has fallen by the wayside. During May, I started a new job and moved house within a couple of days. It has been a big upheaval but things have settled down now, so time for a bit of a catch up!

Lena Talks Beauty life update

2016 – a year in review

2016 – what a year! A lot went on, both for me in a personal sense as well as in my blogging capacity. It’s been a wee while since I’ve updated on what’s going on in my life to you all, and I thought with the new year that was a good opportunity to do so. Personal At the start of the year I had to move house which we all know can be very stressful. Compressing my possessions down from a flat’s worth into one bedroom (plus an attic) wasn’t easy, especially for a hoarder like myself. I lived in my old place for 5 years, and everything I own was there. Since my mum lives overseas and my dad is remarried, I don’t have my old room at my parent’s house to store stuff, so EVERYTHING is at my place. For someone with hoarding tendencies this translates to rather a lot of stuff!! It was a good opportunity in down sizing – turns out I don’t need to keep every single birthday card I’ve ever been given, clothes that haven’t fit me in years, and books I haven’t read since high school. My flatmates were strangers I found off Facebook, but I’ve really become part […]

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What’s in my travel bag

‘What’s in my bag’ posts are always fascinating to me, and it’s been a really long time since I did one so I decided to show you what’s in my travel bag! By the time you read this I will be in Melbourne, visiting one of my best friends and attending as many comedy shows as we possibly can.  The flight is only about four hours, but I still need to bring a fair few things with me since I’ll be travelling for most of the day. These items include beauty products, of course, and I’ll go into detail as to what beauty essentials make the cut for my travel bag.

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Life: Taking Stock

Making: Plans to move house! My brother and I have been flatting together for 5 years but we are finally going our separate ways, Cooking: One Sheet Pan Parmesan Crusted Salmon with Roasted Broccoli for dinner tonight. One of my goals for the year was to learn to cook more things. Drinking: Plunger coffee with almond milk. Reading: Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs by Johann Hari  Wanting: To buy a new handbag – mine are too big or too small, I need one that’s just right. Looking: Out my bedroom window, hoping for the weather to improve Playing: Zayn Malik’s new song on repeat Deciding: What to wear on a date tonight. Wishing: That I was at the beach. Enjoying: The beautiful summer weather (not today obviously!) Waiting: To hear back from one of the flats I looked at this week – I’d love to move in there. Liking:  My new job. I suppose it’s not that new any more, it’s been almost four months but it feels new to me still. Wondering: Where I’ll be this time next year, what I’ll be doing. Loving: How supportive my parents are. Really means a lot to me. Pondering: how I feel about social influencers and sponsored content, have been having […]

Outtakes: take 2

A few months ago I published a post that was a collection of outtakes of my photo shoots for blog photos. That was well received so I’ve decided to do another one! A lot of these are due to my brother – he often acts as my photographer when I can’t be bothered getting out the tripod and often he is quite naughty. He will snap away when I am NOT ready, and when I look at the photos afterwards I always laugh out loud. I hope you have a giggle at these, and I’ll also link to the posts which contain decent photos! I did not authorise this photo being taken. I don’t even know why I was making that horrible face! I just wanted him to take photos of some arm swatches for a post about the MAC Enchanted Eve Cool Face Palette* and this got snapped! The lipstick I’m wearing is also from the MAC Holiday collection this year and it is  Evening Rendezvous lipstick from the Magic of the Night collection. You can read more about all the MAC Holiday collections for 2015 in my post here – I promise there are no terrible photos of […]

The year that was

I know, it seems to be a bit too early in the year to be reflecting on the year that’s been, but for me, this year really began for me around this time last year. It was late November when I ended a relationship I had been in for six years – my entire adult life! It was a massive decision, but it was totally right for me, and for him. In the year that’s passed, I feel like my life has radically changed in so many good ways. I was reflecting on this last night while having a bath, and wanted to take the chance to get away from the beauty, and be a bit personal with you readers.

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Lena Talks Podcasts – Serious Edition

Last time I blogged about podcasts, they were my favourite comedy or entertainment podcasts. This time, it’s the serious and informative podcasts that I listen to. I like to learn new things, and keep up with the news, and it’s nice to be able to do that while I’m at the gym, or doing a repetitive task that doesn’t require my full focus. So for some serious, yet still entertaining podcasts, keep reading!

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My makeup storage

I have been meaning to write a blog post about my makeup storage for like a year, but usually it’s far too messy for me to want to take photos of. However, I finally got around to cleaning it so I can actually show you! I can’t promise my desk actually still look like that but I’ve been really trying to keep it organised. My collection is pretty large, especially considering only a couple of years ago all of my makeup fitted into a normal makeup bag. Now, I have a makeup table and a lot of drawers full of products. The home of all of this is a desk that my former partner built me to fit in a specific spot in my bedroom, after we couldn’t find anything to suit it at shops. The desk doesn’t have any drawers, it’s a pretty basic table, but I have added to it with my own storage. This post is quite picture heavy but hopefully you’ll find it interesting and get some ideas for your own makeup storage or beauty areas in your home.

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Lena Talks Podcasts

I’ve decided that every now and then I’m going to write about non-beauty related things. I considered setting up a separate blog for that, but really it’s easier to keep it all in one place. Today I’m talking about podcasts! Podcasts seem to have come into a renaissance in the last year or so, partially spurred on by the success of podcasts like Serial – which, incidentally, I didn’t enjoy at all. I’m going to share with you some of the podcasts that  I listen to, the comedy ones in particular, so keep reading to find my recommendations.

Overnight essentials

Being a single 24 year old who loves a good night out, I sometimes find myself unexpectedly staying the night somewhere, and so I need to have some essentials with me for those nights. If I’m going to be sleeping on a couch or something, the least I need is a well stocked handbag. I generally carry around a lot of beauty products anyway, so some of them aren’t additional, but I’m going to list them all because they come in handy so often.