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Ombre nails with striped feature nail

Hi,  I’m Marleen from The Beauty Context and today I’m guest posting about ombre nails while Lena is busy unpacking in her new house. I am nail obsessed! I stalk nails on Instagram, drool over nail polish stands in store, and occasionally I attempt doing my own nails. Sometimes I have huge plans for them, intricate patterns and designs which more often than not, leave me with smudge nails and a whole lot of frustration. So today I thought I would share with you an easy nail look that anyone can do. This nail looks is a simple ombre nail with line details on the index feature nail. It might look difficult but it is fairly simple once you know how to do it.

Raquel shares her tips and products for long lasting makeup with Lena Talks Beauty

Top tips for long lasting makeup

My stepsister Raquel is the queen of long lasting makeup. As a flight attendant, she has to look good for long trips, and she also makes her makeup look great for big nights out on the town. I’ve asked her some questions, to help you all in your quest to have your makeup look perfect for a long time – and for my own benefit too! I want to know her secrets and top tips for long lasting makeup.

Z Palette

Depotting for a Z Palette

I own a lot of eyeshadows. Having so many, and so many of them in singles or duos can make it hard to find the ones that I want, so I tend to just use the same products all the time. To combat this, I purchased a Z Palette. It’s a palette that has a magnetic inner, and comes with magnets to attach to any non-magnetic pans. The Z palette does come with instructions for depotting products to use in it, however I’m going to be sharing some tips with you that made the depotting process easier for me.

Tips for using striping tape on your nails

After being inspired by my good friend and fellow blogger Caitlin, recently I have been making good use of striping tape in my manicures. I love the way it makes your nails look more interesting, and you can use it in really creative ways. Using it is something I initially struggled with, but now with practice and some research I have some advice that I can give to you!

Treat your hair with coconut oil

To continue on my series of posts about oils, I’ve got a how-to post of coconut oil hair treatments. I like to use coconut oil treatments on my hair every few weeks, or just whenever I feel like it, to make it silky smooth. There are multitudes of recipes for them on pinterest and the like, but the way I do it is very simple. There are a lot of different varieties of coconut oil, different levels of purity and the like, but for the purpose of using it in your hair I don’t think it’s particularly important what kind you use. I use Olivado Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, purely because it’s what I found at my local supermarket, and it was around $10. I put some coconut oil in a mug – a couple of tablespoons because I have a lot of hair, but scale it up or down depending on the length/thickness of your hair. Then pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so – wattage may vary. You might need to do this a couple of times, but you want it to be runny and warm, but not hot. If it gets too hot, wait for […]

Purple makeup collaboration

Today’s post is in collaboration with Analesha of Lipsandbubbles. We came across each other on the Beauty Review forum, and have been keeping in touch there and on twitter for a while now. We decided to do a collaboration around the colour purple, which is a hot trend this year. I decided to showcase the purple look on my eyes, because I have quite a few purple eyeshadows and also was recently sent Maybelline color tattoo pigment in a purple hue. Purple looks great on with just about every eye colour, in my opinion. It might not be according to the colour rules, but I think if you like it, then wear it! I applied my foundation as usual, using MAC Studio Sculpt and MAC Prolongwear concealer – I’ve previously written a post about my full base routine. Next up was filling in my brows, and I used Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Grey and a small angled brush. The first step in my actual eye makeup application was my Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion which even comes in a purple tube, so on trend! The main product I used on my eyes was Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigment, shade number 15 […]

Easy braided hairstyles

Like many other women with long hair, I find myself wearing my hair in a plain bun or ponytail all too often. While they are both easy and practical hairstyles, they are also quite boring. I’ve been experimenting with some different styles lately, and in this post I’ll be showing some of them. They aren’t quite at the level of intricate waterfall braids that you see all over pinterest, but rather reasonably simple variations on plaits, buns and ponytails. I don’t want to spend forever on my hair before work, but I still want it to look nicely styled, and out of my face. For all of these styles, the equipment needed is very minimal – a brush or comb, some hair ties and bobby/spin pins, and a hair donut. If you don’t have a hair donut, you can make one out of a sock using this tutorial. If you don’t know how to plait, there are a multitude of tutorials on pinterest and youtube. I can’t recommend any in particular, as I learned how to plait hair at school in the dark ages before youtube. I use ‘normal’ plaiting, French plaiting and fishtail plaiting in these videos. Braided bun. To […]

How to clean your makeup brushes

Good morning everyone – my brushes were due for a clean, so I took some photos while doing so, and have written a guide to how I like to clean my brushes. It’s important to do it regularly, to prevent too much product build up and to keep them free of bacteria. I have a a couple of different methods and products that I use to clean my brushes, depending on what they’re used for, and how dirty they are.Before we get started though, a disclaimer  – I have used both these methods many times on my own brushes and it has been great, but I only have synthetic brushes so I have no idea if it’s suitable to do this with animal hair brushes. To clean eyeshadow brushes between use I use Artiste Brush Cleaner, but don’t bother buying it – all it is is isopropyl alcohol and some fragrance. You could just buy some isopropyl alcohol at the chemist and put it in a spray bottle. Isopropyl alcohol is great for spot cleaning, because it kills most bacteria, and it evaporates quickly. To use it, I spray a bit onto a paper towel, and then rub my brush back and forth over the patch. This […]