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Practice Safe Sun

For most people, sunscreen is their first line of defence against the damaging rays of the sun. That is a great step, and an important thing to use, but an another important step is sunglasses. We can’t forget slip slop slap wrap – wrap on a pair of close-fitting sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses protects not only your eyes, but also the delicate skin in the eye area. In this post I’ll be showing you my fab new sunglasses that sent me and giving you some tips to practice safe sun.

How to get more Instagram followers - advice from Lena Talks Beauty

How to get more Instagram followers

Instagram is a massively growing social platform, and my favourite social network to use at the moment. It’s great fun, as well as being a good place to promote your blog. This year I’ve really focused on Instagram as opposed to Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest and the myriad other social networks out there, and I’ve had success in driving traffic to my blog via instagram. Since I’ve begun to have success with it, I decide to share how to get more Instagram followers. I know I don’t have the hugest Instagram following, but I have more than doubled it in the last 6 months, so I wanted to share what has worked for me to gain more followers on Instagram. This post is particularly relevant for people who have beauty Instagram accounts, but will apply to most Instagram niches.

Artistic color gloss manicure

Where to get nails done in Auckland and other questions

People quite often ask me for recommendations for various beauty services, such as hair and nails. So, today I’m rounding up a list of the places where I go for these services. This post will likely only be useful for those of you who live in Auckland, but maybe some of you will be visiting in the future, so it could come in handy. If you want to know the best place in Auckland to get your makeup done, or a wax – then this is the post for you!

10 beauty blog post ideas for cheap - lena talks beauty

10 beauty blog post ideas – that don’t cost a cent!

laniBeauty blogging can be an expensive business, with the pressure to buy every new product that comes out. I have definitely fallen for that pressure before, and spent far too much money on makeup just to blog about it. In the last year I have tried to stay away from that trap, and have been mostly successful. I am lucky to receive a lot of makeup to review from brands, but even without that there are a lot of beauty blog post ideas that you can use without spending a cent. I’ve rounded up 10 ideas for beauty blog posts that won’t cost you a cent!

bad haircut

When you get a haircut you hate

Last weekend, I went for a haircut which is a pretty routine activity for me. I went to the same salon I’ve been going to for like five years, and although the hairdresser I’ve been seeing recently was away on holiday, I thought it would be fine to see someone else there since I’ve always loved my hair I’ve had done there. WHAT A CRUCIAL MISTAKE. I explained to the hairdresser what I wanted, which was a bit shorter, thinned out, and shaped around my face – the same thing I’ve had for ages now. The experience started off well, and the head massage was actually so amazing I texted a friend about it. The haircut seemed like it was going well, nothing to arouse my concerns, until the blowdrying/style part began. I asked for waves…and what I got was the ugliest curls I’ve ever seen. I also realised that my hair was MUCH shorter that I wanted. I was in shock, and I just paid and left before bursting into tears once I got in my car.  I rushed home and tried to straighten my hair, and fixed my makeup (although I kept ruining it with tears!). I was […]