You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow

Friday, April 18th 2014 Makeup

The title of this post comes from a quote by Jack Black that I think is SO TRUE. Eyebrows really frame your face, and they can often be neglected, or plucked into oblivion.

Thanks to my mum’s guidance and also laziness I never did anything outrageous to my eyebrows as a teenager, like so many people seem to do. I mainly left them alone, other than some fairly minor plucking to keep them in their natural shape. Then as I got into my 20s and got more into make up and my appearance I started to get them waxed at a great salon called Off Wax and Brow Bar. If you’re in Auckland, I recommend going there if your brows need some help. Now I mainly keep on top of them with regular plucking, but occasionally to see the ladies at Off Wax for some fine tuning. There are countless online articles about brow shaping, and of course everyone has their own opinions about what looks best. One of the best picture tutorials I’ve seen is by my fellow user Sssamanthaa,  Eyebrows 101: A guide to plucking and filling in for all you brow lovers out there. It covers the right angles and also filling in your brows, and I think it’s a really helpful starting point.

In the last few years thicker, bolder brows seem to have become much more popular. You can see this with people like  Lorde and Demi Lovato who have fabulously thick and perfectly shaped brows.

demi-lovato-x-factor-eyebrows  lorde

Along with this trend, people have started to use more make up on their eyebrows. Among people I know, and in magazines, blogs, and youtube tutorials, the traditional eyebrow pencil has fallen out of favour in exchange for powders, waxes and gels. Before this big eyebrow trend began, I had a seldom used Australis eyebrow pencil that I actually bought by mistake, thinking it was an eyeliner. It did the job, but the thickness of the pencil made it easily look like my brows were really drawn on. I do use it occasionally but it’s not my preferred option.

Bobbi brown eyeshadow,

I then got talked into buying a $50 grey eyeshadow at Bobbi Brown which I often use to fill in my brows. The price might have been excessive but the colour matches really nicely and I’m pretty sure it will last me forever. I use it with a small angled eyeshadow brush, which you can see in the photo below. It gives a much softer look to my brows, which is subtle and therefore more appropriate for daytime in the conservative office where I work.

First here’s a pic of my brows naked (Don’t worry, it’s not R18)

Eyebrows with no product in them


And here they are after being filled in

My eyebrows after using Bobbi Brown eyeshadow

My eyebrows after using Bobbi Brown eyeshadow

When I do want to go for more of Power Brow I tend to use my super cheap ELF eyebrow kit. I bought it for $3 on, because girls in a beauty group were all raving about it, and now I understand why it’s so popular. It comes with a gel and a powder, as well as a tiny brush to apply it with. I use the stiffer end of the brush for the gel, although I would prefer to use a more sturdy brush, I’ve yet to find one that’s appropriate for the gel. I concentrate the gel at the inner edges of my brows as I think that there are some gaps in there, but I fill in my whole eyebrows too. I then go over my brows with the powder and my angled eyeshadow brush. This will not budge, even on a night out when you might be sweating more than you would like. The finished effect is this, which I think looks fabulous.

Eyebrows using ELF brow kit

My eyebrows after using the ELF brow kit

Eyebrows really stand out on your face, especially if they don’t look their greatest, so I think giving some attention to them is important. When I look at someone, brows and lips are the two things I tend to notice the most, so if I’m in a rush getting ready I keep that in mind. Another important thing to remember is this:

Don't let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you shit about life

Do you also have Serious Opinions on eyebrows? What products do you recommend, and what should I steer clear of? Let me know in the comment section.

Until next time,

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