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Thursday, July 21st 2016 Makeup

Beauty School Dropout eyeshadows - Lena Talks Beauty-1-2Beauty School Dropout eyeshadows - Lena Talks Beauty

Beauty School Dropout is a brand new Kiwi makeup company that has launched a range of individual eyeshadow pans, and kindly sent some to me to review. They have made 29 colours which are designed to be stored in Z Palettes which is stocked on their website. The eyeshadows that I chose are Desert Storm, Unknown, GG, and Coffee Date. In this post I’ve swatched and reviewed these four shades for you all to see.

Beauty School Dropout eyeshadows - Lena Talks Beauty-5

Left to right: GG, Desert Storm, Unknown, Coffee Date

You pop the eyeshadows out of the plastic packaging and put them in your Z palette. (more on this later)

Beauty School Dropout eyeshadows - Lena Talks Beauty

Stored in my Z palette

  • GG: Copper with a brown base. Perfect for that warm smokey eye. (matte.)
  • Desert storm: Intense Copper (shimmer)
  • Unknown: Pale pale peach. Great every day colour and a perfect base. (matte.)
  • Coffee Date: Darkest of browns, not quite black. Think the intense depth of your perfect morning coffee. (matte)

In the swatches below Unknown appears almost invisible on my skin, but that’s what makes it good for evening the tone out of my eyelids. It creates a base that doesn’t show veins or redness, and assists in blending.

Beauty School Dropout eyeshadow swatches - Unknown, GG, Desert Storm, Coffee Date - Lena Talks Beauty

Left to right: Unknown, GG, Desert Storm, Coffee Date

The texture of these eyeshadows is nice and smooth. Mattes are hard to do well, and even some big brands can make chalky shadows that apply badly. Desert storm is described as a shimmer, although in my opinion there really wasn’t a huge amount of a shimmer in it. Perhaps if worn alone, or over something like Darling Girl Glitter Glue it would have popped more. I like how it looks, however be aware if you are wanting a super shimmery shadow this is not it.

Beauty School Dropout Eyeshadows - Lena Talks Beauty-2

I previously haven’t worn shades that are so red-toned, and I liked how they made my eyes look. In these photos I’m wearing Unknown as a base, GG all over the lid, and Desert Storm at the depth of the crease. I couldn’t figure out a way to incorporate Coffee Date but I have worn it with other shadows on previous occasions and it looks lovely.

Beauty School Dropout Eyeshadows Desert Storm, Unknown, GG - Lena Talks Beauty-1

I used Desert Storm, Unknown, and GG in the picture above.

I did have a couple of little niggles which I raised with Emma Boodley, the founder of Beauty School Dropout. One issue I had is that the pans weren’t magnetic, therefore they don’t actually stick in my z-palette. Then, when I went to put them back in their packaging I realised that the pans weren’t labelled, so I had to go on the website to try and figure out which was which. Emma said that in the future she will change that, but in the mean time she will include a magnetic sticker with the name on it for when they are de-potted with all orders.

One thing I like about working with small businesses is that you can actually interact with the decision making people, unlike enormous multi-nationals.  I do still think it would be a better option to produce the eyeshadows in magnetic pans with labels applied directly to the pans. This is what Makeup Geek and other brands do for their eyeshadow singles.

Beauty School Dropout manufactures their eyeshadows in Australia and they do not test on animals. They are affordable at $8.50 NZD per eyeshadow. The eyeshadow are 3g/10oz in 27mm diameter pans. They ship to New Zealand and Australia, with a flat rate of $6 for shipping in NZ and $10 to Australia. A large Z palette, like the one that I have above, is $30. To buy, visit Thanks Beauty School Dropout for sending me these eyeshadows!

Beauty School Dropout Individual Eyeshadow pans - Lena Talks Beauty reviews these cruelty free eyeshadows from a new New Zealand brand



  • How cool that you were able to pass on feedback and be actively involved in the company improving the product. I love that!

    • lena

      It was so cool – can’t do that with the big companies!!


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