Beauty Review March Beauty Box

My friend Kelsy ordered the Beauty Review March Beauty Box, and I was so interested by her unboxing that she did on twitter, that I asked her to write a guest post about it – Lena.

Beauty Review March Beauty Box

My day today was not amazing. I got to work and was promptly sent home because my back was not behaving like a back should. I spent most of the day in child pose. But I did get up to answer the door for couriers, and one of them brought me the long awaited Beauty Review Beauty Box! I paid $53.95 for a mystery box of 12 full sized products, worth over $236 (including shipping) back in late February. I’ve been waiting patiently (OK – not so patiently) for it to arrive. Beauty Review is a website for New Zealanders to review thousands of different beauty products, as well as get the opportunity to trial products sent out by beauty companies. If you’re not already a member, you should be – go here to register.



Mine includes (sizes and RRPs in the picture above): a Rimmel eyeshadow neutral palette, some Trilogy moisturising cream (I assume you got the Line Smoothing cream if you were older), Moisture Mist mascara, Za liquid liner, Max Factor lipstick, Za blush (a.k.a. Cheeks Groovy), this mysterious thing called Billion Dollar Brows, Rexona Clinical Protection deodorant, Cameo bobby spinners, a Cameo teasing brush, Vaseline spray on moisturiser, Skinfood facial scrub, and a Shiseido primer sample. So in total, 12 full size products and a sample. They really packed it in there. I felt like Mary Poppins as I pulled more and more beauty products out of the box. Here. I took a picture of all the products laid out like they are on the card. Make no mistake: this is an awesome amount of loot.

Beauty Review Beauty Box Unboxing

I also did my face using:

Garnier BB cream (the only thing not from the magical box), Billion Dollar Brows, The Rimmel palette in Brixton Brown, the Moisture Mist mascara, the Za liner and blush, and the Max Factor lip colour.

I kind of love this for a day look. I’m impressed. (I am too! – Lena)

Beauty Review Beauty Box unboxing

Product breakdown? I’ll start with face products.

Billion dollar brows (RRP $33) – this says it’s brow colour for any complexion. That’s kind of a big claim! It says, just add more or less product to suit you, and blend. I probably wouldn’t buy this, but I’m happy to keep it in my makeup drawer as it did a pretty good job. I also love the eyebrow brush on the end. It’s excellent.

Rimmel Glam Eyes palette in Brixton Brown (RRP $16.99) – the light shade is gorgeous. The mid brown isn’t very pigmented, but it’s still nice to work with if you build it up. Blends quite well, came up like a nice day look. I’d probably not buy it again, but that’s only because I already have lots of neutral palettes.

Moisture Mist Impressive Lash Mascara (RRP $30.00) – I quite like this. It adds a lot of length. I wouldn’t buy it myself because it’s beyond what I’m willing to pay for mascara (and I get similar results from my Maybelline one), but it works well imageand I will use it.

Za liquid eyeliner (RRP $20.00) – OK so I love this one. I’ve got quite good at cream eyeliner and have avoided liquid since a bad experience years ago. This has a nice, easy brush for application. I managed it fine! It’s quite pigmented and it doesn’t go anywhere. Ever. I swatched it on my hand, and 7 hours + 3 hand washes later, it’s still there. I will probably continue to buy this – it’s great. (I love this too! – Lena)

Za Cheeks Groovy in Glowing Pink (RRP $20.00) – instantly I thought that this looked like a dupe for NARS Orgasm, and according to Google I am more or less right, so that’s nice. It’s beautiful, though not very pigmented. For me, that’s a good thing, but for others it might be a deal breaker. Will definitely buy again! I’ve been on the hunt for a good blush colour for me for a long time, and this is it.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick: Pomegranate (RRP $24.99) – Very pigmented, nice and buttery, feels delicious on the lips. Stains quickly and wears well – even after handwashing. This is a pretty mauvey colour that I wouldn’t have picked out myself but I really like it on. A good work colour, which I will probably wear lots. It’s nice to know the IMG_1754 (Large) (2)formula of these is so good. I’ll definitely keep Max Factor lipsticks on my radar.

Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream 50mL (RRP $49.90) – because of my personal preference and skin type, there is no way I would pay the RRP for this. It’s a wee tube and while the moisturiser smells nice and feels quite nice on, it’s rather oily and heavy. They recommend you use it on your face, but I’ll be using it on my hands.

Rexona Clinical Protection 45mL (RRP $15.27) – this smells really good and I’ve had a quick try of it. All seems in order except the crazy price, which seems to be based on the amazingly intricate design of the product. Lots of moving, clicking parts. I’m happy it came in the box because I was meaning to try it but cringing away from the price. Time will tell if I need it in my life permanently.

Cameo Bobby Spinners (RRP $5.00) – I need to know where to buy these as I need lots and lots of them. Magical things if you wear a bun (me on a daily basis). Apparently each has the strength of 20 bobby pins! Go figure.IMG_1747 (Large)

Cameo Teasing Brush (RRP $5.00) – I don’t tease my hair and I don’t know anyone who does, but this brush has boar bristles so I’ll be using it for my nightly brush out. Seems nice so far.

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser (RRP $10.99) – this one, or at least my one, makes a funny squealing noise when you use it, so that’s novel. It’s fun to use but doesn’t feel intensely moisturising (I suppose that’s the nature of a liquid that has to be thin enough to get through an aerosol nozzle). I’ll use it, but I’m not sure if it’ll become a forever product for me.

Skinfood Exfoliator 100mL (RRP $13.99) – this smells good and feels good on my fingertips, but I haven’t tried it out yet. I have lots of faith in the Skinfood brand so I’m interested to see if this will replace my St. Ives apricot scrub. The price is certainly right!

Overall? I love my Beauty Box. Lots of things I wanted to try, lots of things I never would’ve tried but which I love. Everything in there will get used and I’m sure several things will become beauty and skincare staples for me. This was definitely worth the price. I’m thrilled!

Did you get this month’s Beauty Box? What do you think of it?

Thanks Kelsy for this very in-depth review of the Beauty Review Beauty Box! If I wasn’t so swamped with products as it is I would be signing up myself. These are released quarterly, so register with Beauty Review to find out when the next one is out. If you want to read more by Kelsy, check out



  • Janneke

    Such a great box! Love the Max Factor lipstick packaging. And surprisingly basically all of these products sounded good.


  • I love Billion Dollar Brows stuff! So handy and useful! There is a website called ‘Glossybox’ over in the UK that do the same thing, apart from you pay £10 (no idea what this is in NZ) and you get next to nothing.

    So jealous of all these products!

    • This is about 30 pounds. We have similar monthly boxes that are more like the equivalent of 10 pounds, I have subscribed to a couple of them, but none of them are very good!

  • Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters

    It is such a lovely box.. Beauty boxes are so good where u got to try so much stuff at nominal price!!

    but we dont have such good ones in India yet.. wish they come soon here 😉

  • Ooh seems like a lovely box ^^ sadly I didn’t get my hands on one! I wanna try that tease brush and the lipstick color is gorgeous ♥

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