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5 Backgrounds for blog photos

Since my last post in my Lena Talks Blogging series (well, the first post) was so popular, I’ve decided to do another one. Today, inspired by a discussion with other bloggers, I’m going to be rounding up 5 different backgrounds for blog photos. I use them for beauty products, but I think many of them would be relevant for blog photos for any genre. When I first started out blogging I mainly just used things which were around the house, and over the last year I’ve bought a few different backgrounds – all of them have been very cheap. A lot of people stick to white backgrounds, and while it’s a classic option for a reason, I prefer a bit more colour for my photos.

blog photo backgrounds

1. Blankets & Towels

I thought I’d start with what’s in the background of the image above – it’s a Turkish bath towel with a nice pink and white print. I have a lot of different blankets, and have used them quite a lot for backgrounds because of the variety of colours and textures. It’s an easily accessible background for blog photography, and if you buy some for the purposes of blogging you can still get good use of it as a blanket.

rp_Luscious-Signature-Lipstick-Poppy-Zoeva-Luxe-Cream-Lipstick-Cooling-Passion-Luscious-Super-Moisturizing-Lipstick-Uptown-Red-001.jpgI used the red blanket as a background for my Glam Me Up Red post.

2. Paper

Using scrapbooking paper is an idea I took from my friend. I found a pack of scrapbook papers at Spotlight, it was $10 for 10 sheets with different patterns on each side so 50c per backdrop. I’ve also used plain coloured paper and wrapping paper, both of which can be a really nice background for photos.

Billion Dollar Brows Mad About Brows paletteScrapbooking paper used for my Billion Dollar Brows – Mad About Brows palette post.

3. Fabric

Another Spotlight buy of mine is fabric. They sell bags of five or six different offcuts of fabric for around $10, and they’re usually a size that’s good for product photography. Sometimes I’ll have to rummage through the bin to find a bag with fabrics I like the look of, and other times I have to stop myself buying multiple bags. If you sew, you may already have offcuts lying around, or you could ask any sewers in your life if you could have them.

la SP silver blond shampoo, matrix biolage aqua immersion creme masque.25Fabric offcuts being used as a background for My Haircare Routine.

4. Furniture & around the house

I like to make use of my furniture, and places around my house for photos too. I use my makeup table, kitchen bench, and even my couches as backgrounds. They are particularly useful when I want to take photos of products standing up, as opposed to lying down. The photo of the nail polishes below is on my kitchen bench – I wasn’t intending for the reflection to be part of it, but I thought it looked really cool.
OPI, Essie, Jordana, Sally Hansen polishesPolishes I used for my Harry Potter nail art

I don’t use the grass as backgrounds in the sense of putting products on them, but I’ve used it as a backdrop in the nail polish photo below. I like how it looks a bit blurred out.

rp_Faby-glittering-chlorophyll-nail-polish-swatch-001.jpgThis photo is of Faby Glittering Chlorophyll Nail Polish hovering above my lawn.

5. Magazines

I know, this is hardly groundbreaking – a lot of beauty blogs use magazines as backgrounds. I’m not a huge fan of the lipsticks strewn over open magazines with some casual jewellery in the photo cliche, but often magazines can have some good photos in them to use as a close up background. The photo below is a jewellery ad from a big glossy mag, I always save them to use for blog photos long after I’ve finished with reading them.

Maybelline Color show bleached neons collectionMaybelline Bleached Neons nail polishes on a magazine ad

I hope this was a source of some inspiration for you bloggers! I have a few other things I use as blog backdrops but these are my main background ideas for blog photos. I’d love to know what you use – if you’re a blogger, leave me a comment, I’m always looking out for cool new ideas.




  • I have to admit, I was much more creative about my photos in the earlier days of my blog. White backgrounds get a little boring but I think that depends very much on the aesthetic of the blogger! I think I’m still finding mine. To be fair though, it makes colour correction a lot easier, although most higher end cameras will allow for manual white balance setting so it’s not so much of an issue. I really like using furniture and shiny surfaces, and I’m going to start experimenting with pure black matte velvet, just as a point of difference!

    • Oooh matte black will be interesting. White is classic for a reason, and I like it sometimes, but it’s just not very me, I find it a bit repetitive ya know? Thanks for reading/commenting!

  • Christel Hansen

    Awesome post!! I love using wooden backgrounds (old table outside, or the lid off a wooden box from a pr company hahaha), white backgrounds (it’s legit an off-cut from Dad renovating the kitchen) and have used my makeup trolley as a background a lot hahaha. I love the photos Camille took for her recent Jord Watch post where she used leaves and the beach as a backdrop!
    I never thought I’d get so obsessed with photography when I started a blog to be honest. 😛 oxoxo

    • I like your makeup table photos, with the variety of stuff in the background, always changing it up like that is cool! I didn’t think I would either, I’m always trying to improve mine more! Thanks Christel.

  • Emily

    Ooh I love the reflection on the kitchen bench! Wood grains are also fab to add texture. You can even fake them. I’ve picked up a few pieces of flooring vinyl from flooring shops, you can request them online too and they’ll send them out for free to keep. I usually use them for flatlays & food photography so it looks like I’ve got a nice wood textured table

  • Oooh the fabric offcuts you mentioned would be great for my little DIY craft projects! I’ve been thinking of where I can get little pieces of fabric to make mini versions of things such as pillows and cushions haha (completely slightly off topic).

    For me, I use most of the ideas you’ve mentioned. Lately I’ve been obsessed with how amazing it turns out when I use this wooden coffee table at work with their magazine and postcard booklet for food/breakfast shots… I need to re-create this at home (thinking of buying similarly themed books and a surf beach postcard booklet lol~)

    • They totally would be – they always have bags of it there and it’s so cheap and convenient! Is it bad that my first thought it ‘would they noticed if the booklet disappeared?’ haha. You probably shouldn’t do that though.

  • I like scrapbook paper idea…i will to search it this weekend..I buy plain white drawing sheets and use it as a background..and sometimes tile and wooden furniture top…great post Lena 🙂 I love that nail polish!

  • I love using the beat up old dining table that we have. I need to diversify the backgrounds a bit though so this post have given me a few good ideas thanks! Jess

  • Lulastic

    So many good ideas! I am so lazy with my photos, I used one or two nice platters for close ups and that’s it! Must try harder!

  • I bought a photography backdrop from Etsy when I was photographing craft projects for another blog. It looks like a wooden floor in photographs but is made from canvas. The vinyl-coated photography backdrops probably look more realistic in close ups.

  • awesome ideas!!! I really would of never thought of… I’m not a “picture” girl I guess. Found you on Chantals Link it to me party 🙂

  • Emma Craig

    These are great! I’ve been paying more attention to the backgrounds of my photos and I love these frugal ideas!

    • Thanks! I don’t want to spend too much on these, so I’m always hunting the bargain tables and using things around the house.

  • Avery Mae Beauty

    I love the scrapbooking paper idea! Those polka dots are so so cute 🙂

  • These are all great suggestions! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I use tons of scrapbook paper for my backgrounds. I love getting them for like $1 at my local craft store.

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