August Empties

Wednesday, September 2nd 2015 Body

August Empties - Paula's Choice Blemish Treatment, Lavanilla deodorant, Pure Fiji Body Butter

After a bumper month of finishing products in July, this month my empties box is looking quite empty! It seems to happen in peaks and troughs of finished products, so perhaps the September edition will be much bigger. During the past months I finished three products, a Paula’s Choice blemish treatment, Lavanilla deodorant, and a sample of Pure Fiji body butter. Read on to see what I thought of these products!August Empties - Paula's Choice Blemish Treatment, Lavanilla deodorant, Pure Fiji Body Butter

Paula’s choice blemish TREATMENT WITH 2.5% BENZOYL PEROXIDE

Benzoyl Peroxide has been my go-to spot treatment for acne for years. I know some people are wary of it because of the chemicals, and the propensity for it to bleach fabrics, but it works incredibly well for me. I chose this Paula’s Choice one over the normal type at the pharmacy because I was ordering other products and needed to buy more to get free shipping. It worked well, like all Paula’s Choice products have for me. I haven’t repurchased this, as I’ve ordered some Tea Tree Oil to try from iherb, as I’ve heard that’s also great for a spot treatment. To order Paula’s Choice in NZ and Australia visit here, and for anywhere else, visit here. Those links will save you $10-15 on your first order, as well as earning me some credit, a win-win situation!

Repurchase? Maybe in the future

Paula's Choice Clear Benzoyl Peroxide Spot Treatment

lavanilla  vanilla lavender deodorant

I bought this natural deodorant a couple of years ago actually, when I was in a brief ‘natural is better’ phase. It has been lurking at the back of a drawer since not long after it was bought and I found it recently and decided it was time to go in the empties box. Lavanilla deodorant is free of ingredients in traditional deodorants and antiperspirants, but do you know what – those ingredients are in normal deodorants because they work!! I wasn’t really expecting it to stop me sweating, but it didn’t even work to control odor. I’ll take the risk of aluminum over sweating and smelling, and stick to using traditional deodorants.

Repurchase? No way. I might as well use nothing.

pure fiji Body Butter Guava Infusion

This is just a teeny wee sample of the Pure Fiji body butter that I received in a goodie bag when I attended Verdo Nails 5th Birthday celebration a couple of months ago. It is so luscious and moisturising on my skin, and it soaks in really well without being greasy at all. The delicious guava scent is sooo nice! They use the Pure Fiji range in the salon for manicures and pedicures – I really want to go there to get my nails done and use some of these nice products.

Repurchase? One day I probably will!

Lavanilla Vanilla Lavender Deodorant and Pure Fiji Body Butter Guava Infusion

So there we go – a short and sweet empties post, but it’s one nonetheless! Have you tried any of them – what do you think?

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