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Friday, August 12th 2016 Skincare

A few month ago, I was lucky enough to be sent the entire range of facial oils and serums from Antipodes. My mum begged and pleaded for me to give them to her, and I agreed – on the condition that she reviewed them for me. So, this is my mum’s review of the following Antipodes serums and oils: Divine Face Oil – Avocado Oil & Rosehip, Hosana H20 intensive skin plumping serum, Chia & Kiwi Seed Superfood serum, Worship Superfruit antioxidant serum, Joyous protein rich night replenish serum, and Apostle skin brightening serum.

Having grown up the daughter of a pharmacist and choosing chemistry amongst the sciences I studied at school, as well as being a long-time proponent of the ‘Cosmetics Cop’, Paula Begoun, I tend to be rather sceptical about products made with ‘natural’ ingredients, instead favouring their scientifically proven counterparts so when Lena offered me the chance to use the serums which she had been sent by Antipodes, a natural skin care company I didn’t have any high expectations.

Actually that’s not quite true – I was visiting her in New Zealand at the time she received the box and was super impressed about how gorgeously they were packaged and after opening and smelling each bottle I begged and bartered with her to let me have them. I convinced her that as I am so old and that my skin is so worn out and dry and that I really needed them more than her. She let me have them on the condition that I write a blog post review about them. Now that she’s over visiting me here in Australia, I said she needs to relax and enjoy the sunshine (with a suitable sunscreen on of course) while I write this review.

Antipodes Scientific Natural Skincare Review - Lena Talks Beauty

I have been a long-time lover of all things serumy. I used to need buckets of hair serum before the condition of my hair improved after taking Viviscal (you can read my review for Viviscal hair tablets here). In my late 20’s my skin seemed to develop sensitivity to many products I would use on it – they’d often feel fine for a week or two and then suddenly I’d develop a rash or redness which meant I could no longer continue to use them. Rather frustrating and expensive as you can imagine! At the time I was an international flight attendant so I definitely needed something to counteract the drying effects of spending hours and hours of in a dehydrating airline cabin. Bio oil was my serum of choice – in fact it was one of the very few which existed back then and now, years later, it’s pretty well all I use along with rosehip oil. Until now!…

At first, given such a heady array of choice of serums, I was a bit like a child in a candy store – I’d use the Divine Avocado and Rosehip oil simply because it smells divine! Jasmine were (are) my favourite flowers and my favourite scent so it’s a huge bonus for me to be able to inhale the luxurious aroma while applying it. Then it would be night time so I’d use the Joyous protein rich night serum and for the mornings after yoga when I’d make myself a superfood smoothie, I’d use the Chia and kiwi seed superfruit serum to match the theme. Sundays would be the day I’d use the Worship serum.

Here’s some examples of me having fun putting on the serum (warning don’t leave it on too long while mucking around sending snapchats – it can mark your skin if left too long! Lol) The one on the left is me before I knew how expensive it was – the one on the right is me being a bit more sensible and frugal with it.

Antipodes Natural Skincare Serums and Oils - Lena Talks Beauty-1-3

As mentioned earlier, I’m extremely sceptical about most skin creams and aside from wanting a nice smell, a bit of moisture and being able to use something for more than 2 weeks without it reacting with my skin, I don’t tend to have any lists of special tasks or requirements for a skin cream. I’m a firm believer in science and technology and if I wanted to remove discolouration on my face I’d far rather pay for a laser or IPL treatment to remove it than pay a fortune for a cream in the hope that the claims on the packaging would work.

So after 2-3 weeks of freely slathering these serums onto my face daily I was happy with how it was working. I took notes of each one as I used it knowing that Lena would be wanting my review for her blog. It was about that time that I happened to be in Priceline (a store we have in Australia full of makeup, skincare, haircare and health products – some have pharmacies in them too), my husband pointed “hey there’s that s_ _ t you’ve been putting on your face”. I was rather shocked when I saw the prices and immediately felt guilty for being so lacksadaisical in my application of it as well as being guilty that I’d forced Lena to give me such a beautiful gift box now that I knew how much it was worth! Gulp!

Antipodes Serum at Priceline - Lena Talks Beauty-1

I immediately vowed to take the whole serum testing process a lot more seriously, but at the same time marvelled that people would actually pay that sort of money for a tiny bottle of something with a bit of this and a pinch of that in it in the hope of improving their skin! When I was at home that night I googled a few reviews of the Antipode serum range and was impressed with what people were saying, but, having grown up with six older brothers who were sceptical of EVERYTHING, I read these with a grain of salt thinking that perhaps the staff from Antipodes or the salespeople from the respective onsellers could have written them.

Antipodes Natural Skincare Serums and Oils - Lena Talks Beauty-1

I had an unused makeup stand I had bought a while ago – and my serums fit perfectly in there (you’ll note my little notepad below to make notes while I was first testing them)

Well… the next few weeks were an eye opener for me! I concentrated mainly on the Apostle Skin Brightening Serum because, having grown up in the era of “tan is best” and using baby oil or coconut oil as my sunbathing aid of choice (!!!) I am always conscious of having dark sun-spots on my face. I should say that I have, for the past 20 years, been an advocate for daily facial sunblock to prevent lines and spots so hopefully I won’t damage my skin any further. I diligently applied the brightening serum morning and night and have to admit, that after about a month of doing this, the dark shaded area on my forehead had indeed lightened! This was particularly impressive because 3 sessions of IPL that I’d had on it the year before hadn’t really done anything to shift that.

Now, 2 months later, I could barely even find the dark shadow up there! It’s such a shame that I didn’t expect these serums to work as I would have taken a before photo to compare to these after ones. Sorry about that, but you’ll just have to trust me! (Lena has always been one to be honest about everything (once as a child she told her Grandad that she didn’t think his painting in the local art competition was the best and voted for someone else!) so if you see an opinion on Lena’s website you can be assured that she’s speaking the truth and won’t just say something nice about a product just to keep the manufacturers happy).

Here I am (with makeup on this time! #nofilterthough). After using them for a couple of months I still have loads left in the bottles – it’s surprising how many uses you can get out of such a seemingly small bottle! I asked my husband if I looked “brighter” and he rolled his eyes and muttered something – but I’m certain he could see the difference!

Antipodes Natural Skincare Serums and Oils - Lena Talks Beauty-1-2

So having used the skin brightening serum the most and am convinced that yes, it has brightened up the skin on my face, I’m confident that the rest will also live up to their claims. I’m not so sure about the skin plumping one – I’m sure that would only be temporary though and as mentioned earlier, should I wish to have permanent “plumpness” in my face I’d probably pay for fillers (although I wouldn’t as I couldn’t justify spending that amount of money).

Would I use it again? Absolutely. Would I spend that kind of money on it? Probably not. Skincare products are not something I generally spend much money on – I’d prefer saving up to pay for more technical procedures like IPL, laser or microdermabrasion. Maybe I would buy it. I’m not sure. I’d probably wait until it was on sale or had a promotion. Should you? Well if you normally pay those kind of prices for skincare – or even more, then you definitely should. If organic, natural products are important to you then that should make your decision even easier. I suppose it’s not that expensive compared to some of the products sold at department store counters, but it’s more than the usual supermarket brand moisturisers.

I look forward to reviewing the next Antipodes product that I steal from Lena is kind enough to give me!

Antipodes Joyous Serum Review - Lena Talks Beauty-1

Thanks Mum! Now time for some additional information – Antipodes products are approved by the UK Vegetarian Society, and they never test their products on animals which is good. Prices for the Antipodes oils and serums are as follows, in New Zealand dollars and correct at the time of writing:

  • Divine Face Oil – Avocado Oil & Rosehip $39
  • Hosana H20 intensive skin plumping serum $54
  • Chia & Kiwi Seed Superfood serum $54
  • Worship Superfruit antioxidant serum $59
  • Joyous protein rich night replenish serum $62
  • Apostle skin brightening serum $71

A cheaper way of trying some of these Antipodes serums or oils is through their mini kits. They offer 2 mini sets with product duos made to compliment each other, retailing for $19.90 NZ. Antipodes Moisture Boost Minis is a duo kit containing the Divine Face Oil (10mL) and Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream (15mL). Antipodes Anti-Ageing Minis is a duo kit containing the Joyous Protein-Rich Night Replenish Serum (10ml) and Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream (15mL).

To find a local stockist, visit Antipodes’ website. Antipodes skincare can also be purchased from .

Have you tried any Antipodes oils or serums? Or has mum’s review convinced you that you should? Leave a comment below!

Antipodes Natural Skincare Serums and Oils Review - Lena Talks Beauty-1




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