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I’m Lena, a 25 year old beauty addict from New Zealand. I write about everything beauty related, from makeup to skincare, hair, nails and everything in between. I started this blog in April 2014 because I had so much to say on these topics that I couldn’t get out on forums and groups. I’m a total lipstick fiend, with nail polish coming a close second, but truly appreciate the value of good skincare.

In the spare time that I have between my job as a receptionist and this blog I go to the gym, spend as much time as possible at the beach during the summer, and love going out for coffee with my friends. I am a not-so-secret One Direction fan, often get hooked on reality tv (Geordie Shore is the latest), and have a chronically messy bedroom.

I love hearing from readers, or anyone who is interested in working with me (more information on that here) so send me an email:  lena@lenatalksbeauty.com

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Since it’s a beauty blog, here’s some information about me:

Skin type: Dry

Skin colour: Fairly pale, cool toned – I wear NW20 in MAC foundations.

Hair colour: Medium brown, with blonde highlights

Hair type: Normal

Lena xx

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