5 Favourite Pink Lipsticks

Someone asked me the other day what my favourite pink lipsticks are. This was a seriously hard decision for me.I have so many pink lipsticks, it felt like I was trying to choose my favourite child – if I had 20 children. I ended up choosing lipsticks from Bourjois, NYX, MAC, Rimmel, and Karen Murrell. Read on to see which ones they are, and why they’re my favourite.

My favourite pink lipsticks - Bourjois, NYX, MAC, Rimmel, Karen Murrell. Lena Talks Beauty

Here they all are! My choices were

  • Bourjois Rouge Edition 07 Fuchsia Graffiti
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 11 – Milan
  • MAC Syrup
  • Rimmel Kate Moss 103
  • Karen Murrell 07 Fuchsia Shock*

My favourite pink lipsticks - Bourjois, NYX, MAC, Rimmel, Karen Murrell -Lena Talks Beauty

The shades of these pinks vary quite a bit, from the very neutral of MAC Syrup to the very bright of Bourjois Fuschia Graffiti.

Bourjois 07 Fuschia Graffiti swatch, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Milan Swatch, MAC Syrup swatch, Rimmel Kate Moss 103 Swatch, Karen Murrell Fuschia Shock Swatch - Lena Talks Beauty

The Rimmel lipstick has been my favourite as of late, I love the matte formula since it’s long wearing without being drying. I have three of these Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks, 103, 107, and 22 and they’re all in regular rotation!

Rimmel Kate Moss 103 on lips - Lena Talks Beauty 5 Favourite Pink Lipsticks

I experimented with smiling without my teeth showing – I always feel like I look less genuine or happy, but other people disagree so here we are.

Rimmel Kate Moss 103 Lipstick on lips - Lena Talks Beauty

I used to wear MAC Syrup multiple times a week but I’ve found myself leaning towards other products lately – but it’s still an absolute favourite and I actually already have another tube in my drawers for when I finish this. I love MAC lipsticks in general, and this creme formula is so nice, it looks good  and although it’s not that long wearing I forgive them for it.

Bourjois Fuchsia Graffiti is really bright, and because of that it’s the lipstick in this post that I’ve worn the least – but I really do need to start wearing it more! I guess I need more occasions for bright lipstick, or to just start wearing it to work or the gym haha. The formula of the Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks is lovely – as are all the Bourjois products I’ve tried actually.

Recently I wrote a post about Karen Murrell Fuchsia Shock lipstick, so you can read that in full if you’d like, but in short: it’s bright, but not too bright, and the formula is the classic Karen Murrell amazing-ness that I have grown to love. 

NYX Soft Matte lip creams are incredible – alongside Milan, I have Addis Abada, and I would love to get more of them! Every time I visit Australia I try to track them down but the NYX stands at Target seem to always be in terrible condition since the products aren’t sealed, so I bought these ones online. They aren’t as long wearing as some other liquid matte lipsticks but I adore the formula so I don’t mind topping it up every now and then.

5 favoruite pink lipsticks

Stockist/shopping information:

  • In NZ Bourjois can be purchased from Farmers and Mighty Ape. Internationally you can buy this on Amazon
  • NYX isn’t stocked in store anywhere in NZ, but you can buy this soft matte lip cream and other NYX products on Amazon.
  • MAC is available at MAC stores and counters, and on their website for online shopping in selected countries.
  • Rimmel can be bought in NZ at Farmers, Kmart, The Warehouse. This can also be purchased on Amazon.
  • Karen Murrell lipsticks are stocked at pharmacies and healthfood stores NZ wide, with online shopping and international stockists available on their website

What’s your favourite pink lipstick? Let me know in the comments, since I can never have too many pink lipsticks!


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  • Christel Hansen

    Awesome post!! The pink lipsticks you chose are all so pretty, I love them! My favourite pink lipsticks are probably MAC Angel & Living Nature Bloom… I think. But that could change at any time because my lipstick storage is terrible and I can’t actually find ANYTHING. 😛 oxoxo

    • MAC Angel looks nice! Would look terrible on me but it’s a pretty colour. Honestly choosing this was SO HARD, I kept picking a fave out and then I had like 20.

  • Such a great collab post guys! I love the Fuchsia Shock colour on you from that instagram post. I really should be more brave with pink lippies.

  • Love your selection! I really like the Rimmel 103. I think my favourite pink lipstick is Topshop Lips in All About Me which is a fuchsia pink. it’s so bright and out there but I love wearing it.

    • It’s so nice, that 103! I just googled that Topshop lipstick, it looks nice! I have one of their nail polishes but none of the actual makeup

  • MAC Syrup looks like such a pretty shade ^-^ NYX Milan is my all time favourite! ♥

    • They both are so nice!!

    • Hey, sorry to hijack the conversation but do you still write your blog? I remember reading it awhile ago

  • I need to venture into pink…I’ll wear literally any other colour, blue, black, you name it! But I only own Pink Wink by Maybelline and never wear it. Great collab!

    • I love pink – I started with pink lipsticks, that’s where I’m most confident!

      • I love bold statement lips so maybe I just need to get there and get the loudest, Brightest one I can find! I’ve moved from purple to being more into brown, and of course I love red. Maybe I just haven’t found MY pink yet.
        You should do a guide to different pinks, and how to choose one ?

        • Oh gosh, I’d have to do some research!

          • It wouldn’t be the easiest post but I’m sure lots of people would be interested in finding the best one for their skin tone etc ?

  • Dianne Childs

    The Bourjois Fuchsia Graffiti one looks amazingly pretty! I’m a big fan of Kate Moss Rimmel lippies too, the formula is beautiful.

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  • What a great review. I love the Mac Lustres and Syrup is one of my faves xx

  • Pink is my go to colour for lip sticks. I’m keen to try out Karen Murrell lipsticks – seen a few of them on blogs and they look great.

    • They are really nice! Good range of colours, last well, and I love that it’s a kiwi company!

  • Awesome post Lena! I love pink lipsticks too. You can never have too Many. I own KM Fuchsia shock and Rimmel 103 from your list and they are both lovely. If i really really have to pick a few from my stash…it’ll be nyx soft matte in antwerp, Sleek Candy Cane, MAC All Fired Up, MAC please Me and Lime crime pink velvet. I think i just did a post right here. Haha

  • I love the pink collection going on in here, It got me thinking about my favourite lipsticks which I don’t have many now that I think about it. But for sure my all time favourite has to be MAC Russian Red, followed by Bobby Brown – Uber Pink and MAC – Private party.
    I guess Im a dark lips kind of girl.

    Jules .- thekiwidiaires.com

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