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10 beauty blog post ideas – that don’t cost a cent!

laniBeauty blogging can be an expensive business, with the pressure to buy every new product that comes out. I have definitely fallen for that pressure before, and spent far too much money on makeup just to blog about it. In the last year I have tried to stay away from that trap, and have been mostly successful. I am lucky to receive a lot of makeup to review from brands, but even without that there are a lot of beauty blog post ideas that you can use without spending a cent. I’ve rounded up 10 ideas for beauty blog posts that won’t cost you a cent!

10 beauty blog post ideas that don't cost - lena talks beauty
Image Credit: PinkPot Design Studio

1. Do a friend’s makeup

A few times I have done a friend’s makeup for a blog post. This can be a collaboration with other bloggers, like I have with friends (see my posts with Laura, Jordanne, and Caitlin) but I have also done my mum’s makeup just for the fun  of it. It’s interesting to do makeup on someone who isn’t you, and you can even use their makeup collection. This gives you the opportunity to try and review new products without actually buying them!

2. Teach something

Do you have something you could teach people? You could do a tutorial on a certain makeup or nail art technique, or some sort of craft? A while back ribbon elastic hairties became quite popular and I made some of my own. I decided to make it into a tutorial, and it has received a fair bit of traffic over the years. People always turn to the internet to learn things, and this sort of content is ‘evergreen’, which means that it’s always going to be relevant to your readers.

My friend Hannah from A Lovely Look wrote a post about how to make your own nail polish remover pot that I really want to try! It might have cost her a few dollars if she didn’t have some of the items necessary but I would say it would be less than $5 and she would have got good use from it herself.


DIY-Nail-Polish-Remover-Pot - A lovely look
DIY Nail Polish Remover by A Lovely Look

 3. Answer a question or solve a problem

This is similar to the last topic, but is more informational than instructional. Is there a hard question you think you have the answer to? Well then share that answer with your readers! I’ve done this a few times in the past, and one of the times is my most popular blog post by far. The title of the post was Is Frank Body Scrub worth the hype? and my answer was basically no it isn’t. Another example of me solving a problem for my readers is my post about How to prevent and treat ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are basically the worst, so people found this post really helpful.

4. Face of the day post

I regularly post my face of the day, or FOTD on instagram, but it’s nice to post an expanded version on my blog. In a blog post when you show what makeup you’re wearing for that day, you have the opportunity to give mini reviews of products and explain why you’re wearing them. I have written posts before about my everyday face as well as my makeup for special events such as the Rimmel London Cleo Model Search final partybeauty blog post ideas no money - lena talks beauty

5. Interview someone

Do you know someone who has a job in the beauty industry, like a hairdresser, makeup artist, or nail technician? Interview them and ask all the questions that you’ve always wanted to know. Last year I interviewed my friend Jessie who is a nail technician (see the post here), and a while back my friend Elese interviewed a hairdresser she knows on her blog. It was really interesting to read what a hairdresser had to say and she gave some really useful tips.

6. Your favourites

Monthly favourites posts and videos are a classic within the beauty world but they are something I’ve never done. That’s mainly because I don’t try enough new things each month to write a favourites post about them. One type of favourites post that I do like to write is for certain categories, such as when I wrote about my favourite pink lipsticks. You could write about your all time favourite lipsticks, blushes, nail polishes, exfoliators…anything really!

7. Swatches

This tip comes courtesy of my friend Angela from A Style Collector. She says that her posts which swatch ranges of lipsticks are by far her most popular. If you have a lot of lipsticks from one brand, then get your swatch on and post them! People are always googling for photos of products in use since they show colours more accurately than just in the tube/pan or swatched  on your arm. This could apply to nail polish, eyeshadows, anything really! Below are some beautiful lip swatches Angela posted about her collection of Maybelline Vivids lipsticks.

Maybelline Vivids Lip Swatches - A Style Collector
Maybelline Vivids Lip Swatches – Image by A Style Collector

8. Empties

Whilst these would have cost you money in the beginning, I think I can safely assume most beauty bloggers have no shortage of products sitting around. Save up the products as you finish them and write reviews for them. Even if you blogged about them when you got them, a review after you’ve finished it can be quite different to how you originally felt about them. My empties posts are always popular and engaging with readers and I don’t need to buy anything.

9. Your routines

While I like reading people’s reviews of new products, one thing I also like reading is seeing what they are actually using on a daily/regular basis. Previously I have posted about my haircare routine, as well as my evening skincare routine. These posts can be done more than once as well, don’t rule it out just because you wrote about it last year.

10. Storage

I am often searching for inspiration for better ways to store my makeup and beauty products, so I love reading about people’s storage systems. Also, I’m quite nosy, so getting a look inside people’s homes is fascinating to me – it’s a nice way to get to know a blogger a bit better. I’ve written a post before about my makeup storage and people seemed very interested.

free beauty blog post ideas - Lena Talks Beauty
How I store my makeup brushes, eye pens and pencils, and mini lipsticks.

I hope that this list of ten beauty blog post ideas you can do without spending money was helpful! It was good for me to list them all, so I can refer back to it if I’m struggling for inspiration. If you use any of these post ideas I’d love if you left me a comment with the link, or posted on my Facebook or tweeted me.

Thanks to my friends who let me use their images for this post too.